2024-06-15 08:39:07 0420


The right half of me is paralyzed but I can use my left side. Initially it's the sounds that wake me up and it feel like a wave of fear but I'm not afraid of it. I happens more often now or I'm conscious about it, expecting it to happen again. Last night I was knocked out cold fainted! Did you ever faint while sleeping. Being awoken at 0420. It feels like something meddling with me. I resisted, I pumped my left fist. I even talked out loud. My mom! said my name as I remembered her when she gave me a earful. I resurfaced at 04:54. Exactly the same time as several times earlier. I don't believe the stuff I read online as I am convinced many of wise monkeys are full of see me complexes and I read contradictions all over, QED they don't have the right idea. This Sunday morning I will be meditating as it is the conjunction. That means I will be awake at 0420. I am curious. Resurfacing I had a headache. Butt naked walked to the yard to piss. The birds chirped at me. My body was hot and cold sweet cooked. What is going on?

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