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I chould shave and get a haircut. The most attractive women of our planet have a hard time connecting with the souls who are healthy for their body, mind and spirit. Meaning, even angles sacrificed their relationship with God just to be with the daughter of man. I relate. But reading the exodus doesn't mean intellectuals are boring. That one may be able to help heal mostly any trauma in her spirit, is definintely a delicious and adult conversation yet the least likely to hunt and come to her or even be at the same parties...she would have to chose him consciously. Between the rich most are players. This sets, of the abundance of offers ALL are from predators or otherwise unhealthy souls and the obvious logic is that any man who deems himself worthy to deserve a goddess, by default does not and is toxic. And if that person is money rich, well; Will dessert her for the next. Exceptions exist as convention is not empirical proven fact. The physical attractive just get too many offers to persist.

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