30 Day Writing Challenge

30 day challenges are very popular these days and since I have decided to blog as if my website had readers, I must seek my uncomfortable zone, and share what I do both on a personal level and as a business person. Basically considering myself a professional brand. Challenging myself does not mean I will commit to new posts every day. It is sole for me to practice writing exactly what i think, feel and believe in a simple and easy to understand format, instead being misunderstood, discarded or simply deemed in a black box.

My business card says inventor and I describe my team as one of the best integrated teams in the world to solve the current project and program engagements at hand, especially considering what we already have accomplished. Sometimes things you do as a hobby end up being what you have to do 24/7 and eradicated anything sweet, this is when a hole variety of troubles start nudging change. It is not that I have not been writing. My writing in 2017 is simply too much as well as concocted at the utmost stretched line of thought based on expectations we have yet to have seen the last Elon Musk substantiate paradigms.

This challenge is not my idea. A friend gave me a push. As you can see many of the topics are quite interesting and I am looking forward writing the next blog and steam on things dislikeable about social media. I really, really dislike the media because they make me uncomfortable and gets me overthinking but god knows I need a tailwind if I’m ever to achieve viral influence to be able to successfully nudge or spread an important message. Be a hero and an awesome human being. Be kind or strong and show gratitude by sharing. Any boost is noticed and we are genuinely appreciated.