A Love Story With Mixed Emoticons

A love story with mixed emoticonsTrying to convey emotions is part of an everyday vocabulary. With emotions one can clarify or depict the actual intention that otherwise would have been tough to interpret. Not saying that we have use for the Homer Simpson (_8(|) emoticon, it is good to know it is there. Let me give you an example. If I write That\'s great... what do I really mean? If a ? or an ! is placed at the end it becomes a question or to indicate strong feelings or high volume (shouting). This is also often marks of the end of a sentence and can be misunderstood because it is really up to the reader to decipher the context. The only thing you can be certain of, it is important to me. If I add an emoticon, the sentence works differently. If I write That\'s great! :D I now defines the emotion of my statement and you will know I\'m saying it like Tony the Tiger does. If I write That\'s great! o.o it is eyes only and I am hiding behind a fence. Consider That\'s great! :( with an IRL frown. That would really convey a totally different message!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPLAS-x4Pg0You can even write small stories without a single word. Take this line of mixed emoticons...#<(^-^<) (:V) (>^-^)># (>^#^<) ... (>^-^)>| t(\'.\'t)It roughly translates to: I went to bring you a waffle but then I got chased by pacman, so I ate it ... and got you this piece of grass instead and you where like f... you.

A Love Story With Mixed Emoticons

Love Revolution - FuddlMixed emoticon stories has been around since the beginning. Hackers, goofers and crackers wrote NFO files and the rest of us used various IRC channels to excel in deviantarts.Heavenly inspired by Rives on TED who has been given the honor of being one of the first to write web2.0 typographical fairy tales. Here is a bit of web2.0 poetry, written to a very special person.O}-< Q<<]: MTWTFSS 101-18 128√e980 26.07.2007 10:55am (-;☆彡*-*:D/:-) Q<= ♫ O}-< @-}---- 1/2? - 1/256?Omg X-p (-}{-) <33 {} :O) (_)3 <”> H2O 7xNaCl yllambywlaw Q<= “?” O}-< ((<3)) ..-.etc #*@%! “—- —-”(-;:-) aabb <3 O}-< :(|) xXx Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ c: No.2 —-> ]? (-;:42::-)? Q<= idn2wid <:3)~~ =^.^= O}-< <3 sweet<3 <^^>fuddlThe story of O}-< me, and Q<<]: you with a pony tail on your skateboard, where MTWTFSS means all of time and 101-18 is where the magic happens. 128√e980 is the mathematical expression of I love you and 26.07.2007 10:55am was when we first met. It was all ☆彡 sparks between (-;:-) you and I, we were *-* dazed and :D/ dancing. Q<= you were ♫ music, O}-< I wanted to give you a @-}---- rose but taking all of this in thinking ‘Honestly, geez, what were my chances… 1/2? - 1/256?Omg Oh my god we are X-p joking and (-}{-) kissing <33 BIG love but even when I {} hug you I say something :O) stupid like (_)3 I’d like to hand paint your portrait on a coffee mug, put a <”> crab inside it, add some H2O water, and 7xNaCl seven different salts. That just means I got the sudden notion to stand on dry land holding your hand just panhandle the ocean. I say yllambywlaw you look like a mermaid but you walk like a waltz, and Q<= you go “?” whaaat?, so O}-< I reply, yeah I know; I know, I think my ((<3)) heartbeat is sometimes the ..-.etc Morse code for inappropriate. We never #*@%! fight or swear or have “—- —-“ awkward silences.(-;:-) you and I are aabb simple rhymes of <3 love. Right now talking to you O}-<, I’m a : (|) monkey xXx blowing kisses at you Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ butterfly. Stop looking left and right, c: let me put a smile on your face. I don’t know what else to tell you I’ve got a No.2 —-> pencil you can have, you can ]? put it in your phone (-;:-) between you and I :42: is the answer the universe is calling for and Q<= you reply idn2wid I don’t need to write it down. You can be my <:3)~~ mouse I\'m your =^.^= cat and O}-< I say I <3 you sweet<3 sweetheart <^^> fuddl.Michael Sebastian.

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