2024-05-20 15:57:40 AKASHIPOSIBILITY


Five senses. Permutations Beyond Thought. We are Magickal.Nonsensical and sensical midnight talks, meals and animals, morning mountain fog walks, hummus of all rainbow colours, colour in general, hummus in general, intersectional isms, music of many persuasions, creatime, anthropology, sports, anything that fits of laughter, laughter fits in others, funny, diy, long walks, nature maybe painting with Bob. Go beyond effort. Woo her for eternity and never not show my devotion by learning her desires and mastering anything fearing her deathly death accepted by me as divined being. cheerful, authentic, real, honest, loving and romantic there was no king when the ritual began Sweetest of sins, command me... well. Amun. Amun. Amun.

Courteous Jovial Novel Keen Intuitive Interested Motivated Mighty Admire Chromatic Believe Blue Kindness Meditation Practise Bounce Dolphin Balance Difference Focused Free Gentle Imagine

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