2024-04-20 23:34:27 ALLIED BY BAST

Allied By Bast

From the woods Salem wild diverded, quiet, deep, harmony with shame and promises ½ we weept. To follow one, or maybe both, Salem Bast's creation, clearly cleared spirit. The Jutland woods are lovely, dark, and a keep, yet choices made, we can not unsheep. Two roads diverged with Bast's embrace, a story of Bast, I could not choose not to crest. Salt, the seasoning of joy and pain, Bast showed up twice under my home again. A taste, a sting, a sacred art, the road we choose, is our very heart. A call of self in sounds of wet greens, as if the subtle blend of Bast's grace indeed, Basts best self, the best hunter, a vibration, as last step to set free the promise a gentler nation. In coffee's bold and bitned bane, gratitude and joy Idunn's love that became, awakened only in a sweet refrain. Two roads diverged, with dreams untold, In energetic warmth our vibration unfolds. #300millions4ProjectAfrica #BastKindred

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