2024-05-20 14:43:55 ANGELINA


When I say I love someone, I know I am lying because I know what love is. Love, to me, is continuum of activity. You, my ultimate dream. Beautiful captivating actress with a heart as big as my own. It is synchronicity to me if you enter my life. Like God conspired all along for us to be friends. You, my favorite everything and anything, favorite game, favorite movie, favorite mother, favorite six, favorite dream and best reminder that Earth is our heaven. Time ago I fell in love with a voice and questions all while entertaining someone scared of living. Earth doesn't have two moons yet because her I am meant to stay young with has yet to hold my hand. Truth is hidden underground and what is light casts no shadow. Don't you want to learn something new? Bubbles of kindhearted and soothing conversations all while I take care of your needs and your soul, not looking astray. I turn my back to the one I find delicious in the hope that she will relax, sit down and lean against it.

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