Animations of when life throws you a curveball

You have been speaking the truth but that was a foreign language to every one else.


When life insists on stateing: I know it is what I always say and I am always right. I’m Simply Explaining Why I’m Right.


Your insomnia starts when your A.D.D kicks in one sheep, two sheeps, dogs, pelican, old McDonald had ey Macarena.


And post traumatic growth make you realize that life is just a test that teaches you a lesson.


So you tried to pay attention to the little things but attention paid back!


And someone say, you are what you eat, and you realize you have been eating nuts all day.


You realize that your greatest mistake was when you did nothing thinking you only could do so little.


And get that eerie feeling as back when you got analed the first time.


As if your having amnesia and deja vu at the same time, thinking you have forgotten this before.


Just like your mom never saw the irony in calling you a son-of-a-bitch and your best pickup line is Jean-Claude Van Damme you’re sexy!


Thats when teachers corrects you while defining a challenge as 1boy+3girls and a problem as 3boys+1girl.


Just before you realize that parkour is the martial art of running away…


You finally jump from space just to get a girlfriend and where you land it takes years to get home…


And realize you were duckface before it was cool and everyone else is just quackers.


(:O love my momma

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