2024-05-20 14:45:59 ART OBSERVING ART

Art Observing Art

Gasp! The second coming is imminent, whales sing so... We gives a hoot? Manifesting You/Them/Her Coffee and Chocolate Cake Date at the antiquity book store Cafe Paludan. Left belly laughing n spelling right mirror. hMmmm Contagion Such a powerful source of inspiration. Thank You. Full day of work to help out on an IT incident Donation for a full blown red head spiritual beached surfer from another part of the world who never did visit Denmark... Sigh. What we need vs. what we want. What a relief.. Wingmen. Sacred Women. Attract Mates. Men S3cnds. ##

Courteous Jovial Novel Keen Intuitive Interested Motivated Mighty Admire Chromatic Believe Blue Kindness Meditation Practise Bounce Dolphin Balance Difference Focused Free Gentle Imagine

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