Intelligent Transportation

How convenient a decision is that? The unintelligent renewal of highways costs lost hours and lives. The two most valuable things as I see it. Every day there are endless traffic jams and major accidents caused by dangerous construction sites along highways. In Denmark the metro system is one of the few bright spots in technological infrastructure advancement. Vacuum trains, Zeppeliner, Intelligent Energy, Skyjet and thorium engines all seems to have a very hard time crossing the chasm. If we had constructed a Rapid Urban Transportation Facility or Flexible (RUF) back when everyone, including those with real power, agreed that it was a good idea, we would have said f**k you’ll and have had an excellent system for transportation. If the Danish Technology University (DTU) project RUF had got the funding and executive support we could have build the RUF tracks in gold, just to show off how much money we had saved. The extra hour working, while passing tourists in cars and the deprecated trucks we use for transporting our goods, would have accumulated to significant advancement. Everyone would have saved thousands on gas, our universal healthcare system would have been less burdened and high-end flying systems would have been more common.

Transportation Today

Today the founding father and inventor of RUF, Palle R. Jensen, is negotiating to transfer his innovation to collect dust at our National Museum of Technology. Decision-makers should be capable, timely aligned with foresight, supported by statistical facts and proven to pain their money where their mouth is. It seems to me that our government seldom scope and measure business cases by the customer lifetime value to be bigger than customer acquisition cost. In the case of national affairs we, the population, are the customer.

Future Transportation

I do expect that Google will win Nascar in an autonomous driving car in the near future unless it is Volvo who takes the honored title. This link describes what is presumably the first large-scale autonomous car appraisal. Personally I will probably be a laggard in this area and have a hard time letting go of the manual button. Driving my motorcycle is like meditation and very much sacred to me.

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