2024-04-20 23:25:35 BASE


A place to start, a foundation in place A solid base for any dreams, plans and fate A base of knowledge, strength and trust The bricks of which make up our must A base of friendship, love and grace A platform from which to launch in any case A base of safety, security and peace Where joy, hope and contentment never cease A base of understanding, acceptance and care Where we can be ourselves, without a single fear A base of courage, persistence and will Where success is but a momentary thrill A base of striving, challenging and growth Where potential knows no boundaries, no matter how far we go That will carry us through every moment and every place A base of creativity, expression and skill Where we can explore our passions and fulfill A base of gratitude, generosity and kindness Where we can share our gifts and spread the brightness A base of harmony, balance and ease Where we can find our rhythm and live with the breeze A base of wisdom, insight, trust, strength and grace Where we can learn from our mistakes and grow at our own pace

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