Last Day Of School

She liked the new school principal. She liked the change. She liked she mostly belonged in the yard, that they had recess much of the time and the way of learning was in mixed age groups of students. She look at her wrist. If they knew she thought to herself. She smiled in the comforting memorycastle she had learned to create to remember. She went straight for the old gym building, picked a locker and left her shoes. As she entered one of the private booths with her backpack to change, she felt grateful to access the bathroom. She peed, but only a little. It did not hurt so much anymore. She must be vain, she knew that. Her pride, the pity, her instincts to protect and nurture, the betrayal. She knew it all had to be based in fear. She washed up, packed her backpack and left it in the locker. A tear of happiness came to her chin as she silently entered the recitation and found a free mat. The meditation had already begun in English and was it Spanish or German beginning at 10:00? It did not matter as she knew she would find peace again during the next three hours and she didn't even have to leave because she choose obligatory music all sixth grade and today they where doing sound healing and vibrational theory after lunch.

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