2024-06-15 07:13:19 A BOOK YOU LOVE AND ONE YOU DIDN’T

A Book You Love And One You Didn’t

The latest book I loved readingIt took me three weeks to finish this 3rd grade children’s book in Spanish about the boy Topper, whose father is a sailor on a long-haul. He is very bored until one day he finds a magic pencil. Everything written with the pencil becomes real so clever him draws a life size rhino on the wall in their 2nd floor apartment. Boredom is over as Otto is a rhinoceros.This book was a great 1€ bargin buy at the Re-Read used book store. The story was concocted by Ole Lund Kirkegaard, a Danish author of children’s literature, as such the story is familiar to me and a good way to learn reading and understanding better Spanish.

A Book I Didn’t Like

Well it wasn’t written by Gary Gygax nor had drawings by Larry Elmore. I read a hundred pages and if the book is no good, I discarded it. I do recall that actually ever happened. Maybe because it has been ages since I actually sat in the shade of a tree and read a book (:

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