My Bucket List

1 : Find gold, silver or a meteorite with a metal detector.
2 : Experience low-earth orbit and see Earth from high above.
3 : Make a soap bubble Tesseract with a 3D print gun.
4 : Eat strange food often.
5 : Be at the 2020 Olympics in Japan.
6 : Jump in the bed.
7 : Be outside for a full day without meeting anybody.
8 : Live in Punxsutawney groundhog day.
9 : Learn to walk on hands.
10 : Wear a costume to my party.
11 : Have a fun St. Hans bonfire.
12 : Pick up a bouquet of wildflowers and give them to someone.
13 : Have no fear.
14 : Participate in the Burning Man festival.
15 : Tag continuously IRL with crayon and take pictures of it.
16 : Write love with flowers then take a picture of it.
17 : Write a bucket list.
18 : Take a walk in the rain and share my smile.
19 : Climb Preikestolen then base jump off.
20 : Complete my IM tattoo.
21 : Make mupcakes or just cupcakes with my children often.
22 : Make my best friends dream come true.
23 : Live long enough to dance with my daughter at her wedding.
24 : Cover a car in post-it stickers.
25 : Spend a day blindfolded.
26 : Cliff diving head first.
27 : Learn to be invisible.
28 : Have a summer snowball fight.
29 : Say yes to everything for a whole day.
30 : Live in another country again.
31 : Kiss behind a waterfall.
32 : Attend a production of Mozart’s Le Nozze di Figaro.
33 : Start a Rǝʌoןution.
34 : Follow the rhythm of Nature.
35 : Have original thoughts.
36 : Breathe air just one more time.
37 : Get done what I’m waiting to do.
38 : Make the best ‘Today’.
39 : Hold my head high.
40 : Do aerial acrobatics over the Amazon rainforest.
41 : Be as strong as the seas are stormy.
42 : Be the answer |42|.
43 : Change hemisphere and sleep outside under unfamiliar stars.
44 : Follow my instincts.
45 : Be playful and adventures.
46 : Create a crowdfunding project on behalf of a good cause.
47 : Work less, create more.
48 : Learn to speak an additional foreign language fluently.
49 : Memorize the names and be able to identify all whales.
50 : Hear the clapping sounds of aurora borealis.
51 : Learn to surf.
52 : Paint on a building of war.
53 : Sleep at the Jukkasjärvi Icehotel.
54 : Write down my ideas.
55 : REMEMBER the one idea or invent one as good as that one I forgot.
56 : Teach what I learned or run for government.
57 : Make ØØØØ.dk rhyme zone with ecology.
58 : Drink a cold Carlsberg watching Earth from the surface of the moon.
59 : Learn to fold my own parachute.
60 : Stay disconnected for a while.
61 : Stop moving around so much.
62 : Eat more cake on average and stay healthy.
63 : Dare to be the first to condemn injustice.
64 : Go out of my way to help friends as well as strangers.
65 : Live by design and don’t give a fuck.
66 : Be thrifty. Spend resources carefully, they oblige.
67 : Buy a charm in Peru, Easter Island or French Polynesia.
68 : Send a message in a bottle.
69 : Write we could something in blink and see IT work.
70 : Go on a hot air balloon ride in Tanzania.
71 : Become a blood donor.
72 : Practice meditation and experience my kids learning this.
73 : Learn to hold my breath for five minutes.
74 : Experience a whale breach.
75 : Take a picture every day for a year.
76 : Make a rainbow rose.
77 : Hike Kilimanjaro or reach a base camp.
78 : Don’t get any more tickets from the police.
79 : Stream porn flicks at a hotel, pay with my business card and sort it out with HR.
80 : 3D print my own terraces of solar roadways.
81 : Sing karaoke at a bar.
82 : Deliver back that book from the library so many years late.
83 : Buy a book from a used bookstore and read it.
84 : Just fall asleep, wake up and do it again..
85 : Avoid taking a selfie running from the Pamplona bulls.
86 : Listen to neighbors having a blast and still be happy about it.
87 : Don’t lose to many life points, stay alive.
88 : Visit Avannaata Qimussersua and maybe buy a .gl domain.
89 : Pay 10.000 € for something.
90 : Join some big poker tournament.
91 : Ride the public transportation on a all free blue card even for tourists.
92 : Be smart always.. Bum Bum.
93 : Build a business that builds parking lots of solar roadways.
94 : Find a home in a loft.
95 : Buy new teeth for the sake of health and longevity.. right
96 : Learn to make the water drop dessert mizu shingen mochi.
97 : Buy something expensive really cheap in a flea market.
98 : Invent a new word and have it accepted by Oxford English Corpus.
99 : Help my sons get really nice youth jobs.
100: Be more demagogue.
101: Deploy a customized web app for clients every day for a year.
102: Work for charity not door-to-door collecting (Did I do this one already?).
103: Shake hands with Queen Margrethe II of Denmark.
104: Create a wicked website for something obscure.
105: Invent a hair trimmer that that perfectly trim the back of my neck without help.
106: Do not go on a round-about (lower your expectations friend).
107: See the fairy pools in Scotland.
108: Go on a carnival date.
109: Sleep on a beach somewhere exotic but safe.
110: Live in a luxury hotel for a year.
111: Feed elephants.
112: Go cliff jumping, climb backup and do it again.
113: Make a call from a London phone booth while they are still around.
114: Make a painting by balloon darting.
115: Soak in the hot springs of Island.
116: Become polylingual.
117: Author a pixie book in an mobile app.
118: Earn a title.
119: Write a nice letter to a random address. They write back.
120: Zip-line between Spain and Portugal.
121: Survive at good health until at least 2050.
122: Ride on a glass-bottom boat.
123: Take a long break from our harsh reality.
124: Throw a dart on a world map blindfolded and travel to where ever it lands.
125: Become nominated and not as the dark horse of the bunch.
126: Kiss every day for like ages.
127: Build a hut in a tree.
128: Take pictures under water.
129: Stargaze in the middle of nowhere.
130: Say “I do” only to my twin flame.
131: Grow my own food, at my own farm, with my own water.
132: Be the honor attendant for one of my friends.
133: Give 100 compliments in a day.
134: Go to a movie grand premier.
135: Be shut up with a kiss.
136: Carve me and myn in the bark of a tree.
137: Plant a tree and experience children enjoy that tree with a swing.
138: Try a caramel apple.
139: Walk inside the Rhode Glacier, Switzerland.
140: Eat cannoli in Italy.
141: Do something that really scares me (Have no clue what that is).
142: Create a time capsule for my grandchildren.
143: Buy a homeless person a full meal.
144: Help a struggling entrepreneur.
145: Play twister adults only.
146: Go on a double date.
147: Learn to let go even of important things.
148: Experience years of healthy stability.
149: Build an igloo with my kids again.
150: Participate in a wipeout kinda tv show.
151: Get the matching tattoo, preferably dragons.
152: Explore a real castle.
153: Tour Googleplex on invite.
154: Read a personal diary (Not a published book).
155: Go zorbing.
156: Have a talk with a spiritualist about past life’s.
157: Bungee jump from somewhere really high up.
158: Scuba diving at Easter Island.
159: Visit the edge of the world or White Cliffs of Dover.
160: Try the suspended capsule biking agro ventures in Rotorua, New Zealand.
161: Smile to strangers.
162: Visit a lavender field in France.
163: Stay at the Four Seasons hotel in Bora Bora.
164: Make a tan tattoo.
165: Run the rocky steps and shout Adrian.
166: Visit the sky deck in Chicago.
167: Start a business not in I/T.
168: Just go not knowing where is next.
169: Write something in wet cement.
170: Attend comic-con in a costume.
171: Write more blogs.
172: Visit Palacio de Cristal, Parque del Retiro, in Madrid.
173: Forget my birthday.
174: Live on Mars.
175: Learn to extract money using the ambiguity effect.
176: Thrive.
177: Plan accordingly and have a plan B/C and D.
178: Play more.
179: Watch a horror movie with the one I love.
180: Next time, sit it out.
181: Drink more champagne.
182: Come up with profound UI designs.
183: Plant new trees.
184: Kiss and caress her in a mud bath.
185: Do not forget to sing and dance.
186: Learn to let go.
187: Spend years on a secret project.
188: Carry the Olympic flame.
189: Find my home in a house with a garden.
190: Own a proximity flight suit and use it often.
191: Tie messages to balloons and let it fly free.
192: Fill a jar with memories and pass it on as a time capsule.
193: Dye my hair blue and white again.
194: Loose my second virginity.
195: Put soap in a public fountain.
196: Learn to do basic sign language.
197: Experience the scent of Mirabilis Jalapa in Peru.
198: Eat home cooked meals often.
199: Gain 20 lbs by 2019.
200: Ice skate the Amsterdam canals.
201: See parrots in the Amazonian jungle.
202: See molten larva from a live volcano.
203: Stay in bed for an entire weekend.
204: Build a sand castle and a sandman.
205: Make a stranger laugh.
206: See northern lights.
207: Be humble and cherish the yearly free trip around the sun.
208: Do not be afraid to follow the white rabbit or to pick the red marble.
209: Preserve my mental age of a tiny tot.
210: Quit smoking
211: Stick with it.
212: Build bold new ideas.
213: Try to solve the basic pains.
214: Know the blood type of my loved ones.
215: Keep better passwords.
216: Learn to unlearn learned helplessness.
217: Write love letters, fold them as paper planes and let them fly free.
218: Trust the ASI will help the human race.
219: Bow in public to superhero Elon Musk.
220: Bow in public to superheroin Meredith Perry.
221: Pay to be a fan of Google ;) Go buy Google RED everybody. Now please.
222: Win in PlayStation playing my gamer gurl<3
223: Swim in a blue void.
224: Never be in a position where I am all alone.
225: Have a yoga strip dancer as roommate.
226: Never again have a strip dancer as a roommate.
227: Never compromise on quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.
228: Type fasters than my hands can physically handle.
229: Help the planet before time.
230: Be someone that makes a thousand cats do the same thing, simultaneously.
231: Learn that very special song toca toca encanta en español.
232: Play guitar at metro in Barcelona and perform Cama de rosas.
233: Learn to sing Despacito and that other song in Spanish.
234: Walk bare feet in way too hot sand.
235: Have a girl beside me at all times.
236: Start designing hours not working them.
237: Stop living a hitchhiker’s life.
238: Live in a house with no doors.
239: Watch ballets.
240: Go scuba diving in the red sea maybe in Hurghada.
241: Go to Rakaia Gorge (South Island-NZ) and check if the stone heart is still there.
242: Do it all again.
243: At the end, kick the bucket. It has to be the end though!