Bullet the entire day


My day is somewhat structured though entrepreneurship so I am grateful to listen and appreciate classical music while instigating activities and incoming tasks from the support queue while creating etc. To accomplish all that and to still get at chance to write is a personal success for me.

Right next to my workstation is a whiteboard with post-it note and a few very old lists. I always look to these lists when I have free slots of time or resources. Much of my time goes to cap administration on either business and my life is I’m an elephant in the room. My favorite kind of day is every day because sometimes I just decide to do things differently but that is a full another blog. One of my lists is bulleted here:

Meditate, Creative Thinking

Workout, Memory Practice, Music

Language School

Elephants, Dinosaurs, Rabbits (Love Rabbits Myn)



The adventures of life for all of us can seem like walking through a desert, hoping to really understand and being grateful to still be able to walk. My team is tight and we always do our best, even when days is at the baddest of frequencies, we do quite good. Keep going Michael. Write and do that magic on your businesses and work on those smart ideas.