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My first kiss, my first love

My first kiss

Was with a girl from my street growing up. Her name was Kira. We were way too young to know what love was all about and the kiss was friendly and innocent. We were great friends and among other playful memories like who could pie the furthest and playing with her barbies. In this sense she introduced me to how girls and dolls looked without clothes.

My first love

My first love is both a story from my childhood as well as a story from my adult life. In eight grade I fell head over heals in love with a wonderful girl I meet at our local water park. After a short fight for her attention, we became a couple but it only lasted a few months. For me it was a huge. I was quite heartbroken but moved to Texas, U.S.A. to live with a host family. Traveling made me forget.

My marriage

Years later I was happy, content and married with children in what I thought was a rock solid marriage that would last forever. It did not. After 11 years, we decided that we were not going to grow old together. I did not see this coming but I did not get sad. My x-wife knew me well and made sure our breakup was a good thing for both of us and in turn I gave her a fresh start. In many ways I was never in love with my x-wife but to this day she was one of the best thing that every happened to me.

My first love, second time around

Beginning a new life after marriage, the first thing I did was to create a Facebook profile. It was obvious, even back then, Facebook is a perfect dating tool and a way for people to hook up or reach out to those that have their interest, admire or hope to engage in one way or the other. I searched for my first love and by chance I discovered on her timeline she just divorced some guy and wrote her a message. We meet and I was in love again. I should not have contacted her. At this point in time, my life was very chaotic, busy and quite stressful. I scared her away. Among many things, I was traveling a lot negotiating trying to finalizing a deal with a Norwegian conglomerate to take ownership of one of my products. Her breakup devastated me. One Friday we were supposed to go camping over the weekend but she wrote me just hours before I was to pick her up. She had meet someone else at a festival just days before and they were already a thing. Me being in love and having stockpiled big time on survival gear and camping equipment, was suddenly super lost, and felt deprecated and ridiculed. I had been looking forward to this weekend away in nature with someone who, at the time, meant the world to me. I still do want to go on that adventure someday. With my gear unused and in storage for years on end I know somehow somebody will make me breathe air again. This person is adventurous but only with me (:

My earliest memory

My earliest memory

A new science study suggest that forgetfulness and the ability to discard details is not a sign that we are loosing our marbles. Science reveal that you just may have more important things on my mind… literally! It also suggest that forgetfulness may actually be a sign of great intelligence because this kind of subconscious filtering may help cope with change and deal with difficult situations.

My earliest real memory

My earliest real memory is a powerful one full of happiness. I am very young, waking up from a nap, in the garden of my parents house and our family Sct. Bernard is the first thing I see. He is watching me, protecting me, waiting for me to wake up so we can play once more. When he sense my eyes he crawls to me on paws, not touching, just getting closer. I sit up and hug his warm fury face. The feeling was of absolute joy and with a heartbreaking sense of security. I loved that dog and I love animals to this day. My house will eventually be full of life and a hole lot of security for sure.

My earliest fake memory

My earliest fake memory is also powerful but in a very different way. It must be a fake because I am only three months old, tops. This time also a situation waking up but this time I am alone. I cry for help. After a long while a stranger comes up to me, talks some stuff I actually believe I understands and leaves. My mom was an independent jeweler and married to my much absent but hardworking farther. It was a tough thing for her to create and drive her business all while being there for all of us children. I spoke to my mother about this memory as such it might be a fake reality subjected to a pseudo parapsychology with ghosts and other spirits tied to me, in my life. That is an entirely different blog that would best take form as a short story with typically featured entities such as dragons, elves, elementals, fairies, giants, nymphs, griffins, gnomes, goblins and mermaids mixed with other worldly magical beings in a tale staring the cast of the Rick and Morty cartoons.

Five problems with social media

Five problems with social media

Realizing..again..with my insane work schedule it is hard for me to both actually do the magic source code for the products and at the same time release acceptable blogs. Less must be more in my case. Days of fully engaged writing would be a dream come true but is, at this point in time, quite irresponsible. Nudging by turning off notifications on multiple devices as many depends on me to actually do that IT stuff, preferably all the time.

Facebook birthdays

Birthday notifications is a big thing for me, almost a problem. Facebook was the first platform that successfully turned birthdays into a feature that in a passive way ingeniously secure and maintain the user population. I do appreciate birthdays and always write personal text messages to people close to me but if I do appreciate birthdays; Is it then shameful not to write congratulations on social media. It is your friends birthday, you noticed but did nothing, why then are you friends. What if it is the timeline of your own child, would other people notice. We as a planet spend decades each year writing birthday messages wishing for happiness, well being and that sheets are changed every day. This kind of intricate insights is exactly what we share with each other. If you only have one, why hide it?

LinkedIn anniversary notifications

This is the corporate Facebook of social networks. It is the portal for your to present your curriculum vitae. It is used by employers to check references to make sure there is truth to what ever image you present of yourself in your application. It is also a place many entrepreneurs present their startups. I have many companies but only one not dormant collecting royalties. All in all, I would have a hole lot of fucking birthdays every year. That kind of communication would be an overwhelming experience. Why would I stress my friends ever that often to write appreciation when things that really matters only exist in real life. So a few visible companies is enough, especially when anniversaries, just like birthdays, are broadcasted far and wide in your social network. That is a lot of time and energy almost about nothing.


While I enjoyed playing (and DMing) Dungeons & Dragons, chainmail is efficient to boost protecting to the body and give armor stats. One of my great friends took a globetrotting decision moving far far north within the Kingdom of Denmark. Way up north between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans is a very isolated place. In such a remote place chainmail messages is a innocent way to reach out and make friendly contacts. Much similar to when we were children asking around other kids the same question. No one likes a threat but it is only related to and a sign of the sender. Form this sound perspective the problem with chainmail is sole related to security and potential spreading of malware. When did you last change your passwords?

Facebook Top Comments

When a social network begins to control what users see in their feeds the networks breaks by default. If we are friends, I want so see everything you do, in the order you do it, if you share it with me. Social media have a tendency to impact our lives in a profound ways both by cunning and by chance. Feeling it a lot, is what I do. I really don’t like it. The search for truth is many things nowadays and top comments is the worse. Let’s say some dude, with a lot of social influence, stands looking over a balcony to outcry culture, patriotism and love for his country. This shout out could have been the beginning of an inspiring dialog but drowns when the airhead comment; Especially when there is such a good thing waiting in your bedroom!!ūüí¶, is up-vote by trolls.

Language and dialog

The real problem with social media is the high probability of dumbing down dialog whether is the deliberate oversimplification of intellectual content or the fact that without sorting the who, the whats, the whys, then the rowdy and the firsts wins. The medial could do so much more facilitating education, literature, cinema, news, video games and culture. The ones that could actually change things are only thinking about how to grow or maintain wealth, never how to make a fortune matter. When your business is all about greasing wheels, you understand that any remotely profound dialog has the potential to change the world. The more noise there is for everybody to deal with, less likely it is these situations of intimate dialog and understanding actually happen. To leach the flow you have to keep the status quo. I am learning to thrive in this chaos but I really resent the noise that so many of us has to deal with. It is a grave pain to our world and it begins in the early years when we have just learned intolerance, jealous and greed as part of being a human monkey. Love was always the answer. Be kind.

People who “lead a debate” in a social network:

30 Day Writing Challenge

30 day challenges are very popular these days and since I have decided to blog as if my website had readers, I must seek my uncomfortable zone, and share what I do both on a personal level and as a business person. Basically considering myself a professional brand. Challenging myself does not mean I will commit to new posts every day. It is sole for me to practice writing exactly what i think, feel and believe in a simple and easy to understand format, instead being misunderstood, discarded or simply deemed in a black box.

My business card says inventor and I describe my team as one of the best integrated teams in the world to solve the current project and program engagements at hand, especially considering what we already have accomplished. Sometimes things you do as a hobby end up being what you have to do 24/7 and eradicated anything sweet, this is when a hole variety of troubles start nudging change. It is not that I have not been writing. My writing in 2017 is simply too much as well as concocted at the utmost stretched line of thought based on expectations we have yet to have seen the last Elon Musk substantiate paradigms.

This challenge is not my idea. A friend gave me a push. As you can see many of the topics are quite interesting and I am looking forward writing the next blog and steam on things dislikeable about social media. I really, really dislike the media because they make me uncomfortable and gets me overthinking¬†but god knows I need a tailwind if I’m ever to achieve viral influence to be able to successfully nudge or spread an important message. Be a hero and an awesome human being. Be kind or strong and show gratitude by sharing. Any boost is noticed and we are genuinely appreciated.

Groundhog Day

Today is the 2. February, 2018 and my life experience is not unlike living in ‚ÄéPunxsutawney.

Make sure each day is a magical new beginning for the better. There is no past! The only reality is every moment. Stay happy and excited about the best possible multiverse future.

Trust the magic of new beginnings. Though beginnings are just disguised endings and the best time for beginnings is always now.¬†In the end, the beginnings just doesn’t matter.¬†We all try at best, to remember the best version of us..all meanwhile living life spending and wasting hours on feeds and messages roughly based on chance connecting. Even though we are many, we are land orca and to some bad stuff fells good. We all strive, each in our own way, to excel with what we are passionate about. Let’s try and help each other, like families do, every day and at Christmas to make the endings feel right.


My reality is just chapters in a really great book and I will force myself to blog about this crazy challenging life as a seasoned serial entrepreneur. Nobody has ever thanked me for not killing me. I do not fear anything, not even failure. I will regret being the exact same place next year as I am today. But then again, change is constant we can count on. Even though all my current companies are ensured huge financial success, my personal ledger with karma will eventually for sure hit me back.

Animations from an entrepreneurs life

Success in entrepreneurship is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.


You dare realize that the most valuable thing you can make is a mistake ‚Äď you can‚Äôt learn anything from being perfect.


Entrepreneurship is¬†understand Forrest Gump logic… Stupid is as stupid does.


Entrepreneurs understand that vision without action is daydreaming and action without vision is a nightmare.


Some people dream of great accomplishments, entrepreneurs stay awake and do them.


Entrepreneurs do not fail. They find 1,000 ways it won’t work.


Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.


In order to succeed in entrepreneurship, your desire for success must be greater than your fear of failure.


Being realistic is not the main thing and example is the only option to influence other people.


Pursuit like you do not own a TV and the last movie you watched was the story of your life.

Percussive maintenance might be a technical term for hitting something til it breaks and go viral.

But when logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.

Entrepreneurship first rule is know to listen to your gut, no matter how good something sounds on paper. The second is…. And the third is that sometimes your best investments are the ones you don‚Äôt make.

Avengers - Hulk Owns Loki

My World in a Drop of Water

This one early blog should be about me, who is the techie entrepreneur, right? It is no wonder so few are lucky enough to make exit’s like I have done. It is¬†my experience that, the¬†humongous amount of energy required to be a serial entrepreneur out of Denmark, is an investment that requires sacrifice. It’s extremely hard to get an idea about getting an idea while maintaining focus. Not all things fly and you only have so much time. Turtles don’t fly even though they may daydream about it…and then at some point I made a pot of gold selling the intellectual capital of one of my other companies to a big brand called¬†Visma¬†who just recently accredited my newest tool as mature standard productization proven in two large client enterprise architectures¬†and ready for a massive customer rollout.¬†Yes I can create magic code and implement the features the end-users want.


I consider myself multi-langual as I am quite fluent in at least 17. Though all but a few of these result in machine code, anyone spending 10.000 hours on something gets good at IT. I’m a dreamwalker, a reckless optimist and I have¬†something¬†big cooking, trying not to disclose any plans or time frames.

What I can tell you is what I’m thinking now, what we CANNOT do is to go back to my crib for some inventing. I’m not that single after all.

A Thousand Positive Words

Courteous Jovial Novel Mouthwatering More Keen Merry Intuitive Interested Pet Keenest Motivated Invitation Mighty Genius Admire Chromatic Believe Blue Kindness Meditation Efficiency Incredible Bounce Dolphin Balanced Difference Focused Free Gentle Imagine Emotional Compassionate Included Fun Brilliant Finest Fortune Dignity Prominent Smashing Humble Amicable Sweet Goodness Challenge Universe Reward Optimistic Ideal Cherish Exquisite Undeniably Crisp Sociable Centered Restored Endurance Calm Reputation Punctual Redeemed Patient Undisturbed Harmless Honest Virtuous Superb Joined Essence Pleasure Adaptable Sustainable Chocolate Royal Unsurpassed Yes Efficient Pioneer Understood Pleasurable Delicious Speed Genuine Redemption Amour Exuberant Justice Moving Comprehending Intimacy Transformable Innovate Snug Choice Rosy Touched Adored Accurate Flowing Achieving Tolerant Mercy Admired Impartial Strong Dechantment Methodical Freshness Tasty Tiny Brave Relax Feeling Favorable Priceless Adventure Protect Palate Bold Benevolence Able Vivacious Vivid Affectionate Willing Dynamic Truelove Devotion Straightforward Unhurried Good Plum Seemliness Undifferentiated Ethical Content Simple Powerful Polite Accomplished Clemency Open-Minded Encouraging World-Class Magic Exalted Involvement Fab Whiz Divine Gay Galore Curious Solar Grin Yule Elephant Avid Masterful Lucky Fondness Equilibrium Successful Appreciation Exceptional Prompt Receptive Valiant Devoted Steadfast Communicative Sensible Affirmative Bravo Relaxed Cuddly Soft Magnificent Flame Fabled Prime Coherent Cheery Robust Pure Treasure Undoubtedly Generous Intelligent Tranquil Youthful Electrifying Nature Enhancing Inquisitive Supported Plump Jubilant Healing Attractive Persistent Grand Unrivaled Discerning Success Attached Merit Important Memorable Aroma Loved Intellectual Legendary Breeding Growing Vigorous Astonishing Fresh Turtle Enchanting Connected Sharing Considerate Silent Agreeable Astute Interesting Thoughtful Protection Conscious Shy Frank Culture Luxurious Instantaneous Refreshing Recommendation Intent Vintage Creative Smooth Proficient Enjoyment Fabulous Refined Dignified Stunning Glorious Cake Nice Capable Flair Adventurous Cookie Luscious Now Versatile Zest Emancipated Blissful Praised Miracle Cute Soothed Supreme Relation Endorsed Invigorated Productive Buoyant Replenished Temperate Invincible Daring Soulful Learning Magnetic Phenomenal Impartial Lucid Diligent Stupendous Thanks Care Respect Playful Charm Believing Charming Rich Eternal Giggle Transforming Confidence Easter-Egg Pamper Same Esteemed Triumphant Soulbound Enterprising Meaningful Inventive Friendly Pleasant Clever Satisfied Accomplishment Passionate Purified Ravishing Traditional Glowing Animated Practical Broad-Minded Remembered Friendship Exclusive Adorable Heroic Liberated Infatuated Delicate Spectacular Relationship Super Beautiful Understanding Unassuming Delighted Spicy Taste Dimple Stylish Awesome Celebrated Rest Convivial Singular Happy Wonderful Easygoing Goodness Flourishing Laguna Sympathy Magical Persevering Girlfriend Deluxe Spiritual Guaranteed Reliable Fizz Care Faithful Dedication Harmonious Diplomatic Subtle Colorful Secure Irresistible Tenderness Expert Asset Attention Blessing Valuable Instinctive Sensitive Green Glitter Sustained Progressive Bonded Cooperative Skillful Jewel Gifted Glamorous Respect Experienced Committed Sensational Animation Favored Influential Pleasantness Engrossed Wise Earnest Joyful Courageous Smart Top M&M Affection Excited Cherished Bootylicious Amazed Poised Adequate Sympathetic Ultimate Kind Wholesome Dutiful Pearl Liaison Legitimacy Favorite Anxious Hearty Pampered Wee Discreet Humorous Pro-active Prismatic Marvelous    Fuddl     Hearthful Auspicious Mindful Boost Learn Forgiveness Unblemished Encouraged Gratified Maxi Humanitarian Delightful Spirited Lenience Rollercoaster Charity Forgiven Captivated Resourceful Lighthearted Intense Enormous Confident Mojo Dazzling Sound Boost Dependable Splendid Helping Longest United Devotion Excellent Sanctification Alms Accepted Precious Fortunate Knowing Music Nuts Inspiration Healthy Love Glad Fragrance Whole Dreamy Classical Safety Tender Funny Surprise Fulfilled Ensure Meek Motivation Energized Worthy Effective Perfect Honorable Grounded Thorough Determination Star Forever Comforted Select Winner Eager Reassured Complete Service Darling Real Virile Beneficial Ambitious Useful Karma Authenticity Outlasts Changeableness Varied Collected Scores Lively Capable Resolute Terrific Healed Witty Easy Lust Exhilaration Decisive Sparkling Desire Spruce Idea Needed Fine Honesty Firm Golden Absolutely New Orca Kiss Accountable Nosy Thankful Dragon Faith Pretty Credible Snoopy Nurturing Conforming Family Recognized Zealous Eloquent Rebellious Unbeatable Prudent Gift Enjoy Unwavering Close Familiar Relieved Beloved Cool Sizzling Amusing Quiet Rational Power Emotion Exactly Certain Revitalized Ace Appreciate Logical Innovation Trendy Amenable Learn Prize Affinity Motivating Plentiful Careful Respected Angelic Outgoing Rewarding Modern Wrap Energetic Altruism Aid Meritorious Ingenious Adore Truthful Delight Spice Principled Legend Whale Ideation Ultra Pioneering Benefaction Quality Sincerity Flip Earth Graceful Near Famous Close Save Outstanding Best Merciful Quick Recognition Classic Safe Yummy Elegant Artistic Organized Thrilling Better Honey Open Caring Respectful Timely Equal Far-Sighted Innovative Teachable Upheld Bright Relief Hardy Appreciable Angle Brief Reliable Kissable Aligned Allegiance EyeCatching Pleasing Gentle Cosmos Absolved Giving Acclaimed Authentic Spacious Opulent Saved Energy Tactful Valued Natural Awareness Engaging Plus Popular Loose Connecting Breakthrough Relaxing Heavenly Loyalty First Unique Polished Competent Serene Compliment Settled Comfy Selfless Romantic Profound Sunny Laugh Tempting Freedom Invigorating Appreciated Fertile Enthusiastic Affiliated Prestige Wondrous Ecstatic Awake Inviting Modest Supporting Philosophical Bacon Matchless Todo Tough Hard-Working Entrepreneur Neat Creamy Smiles Succulent Alert Waterslide Stars Forceful Morale Flattering Judicious Blessed Petting Empowered Plucky Marvelous Re-Enforced Congratulation Shapely Thanksgiving Multi Tingle Alive Determined Stable Admirable Supersonic Protected Liking Peaceful Okay Bubbly Renowned Engagement Finesse Clear Satisfactory Akin Essential Competent Fitting Outrageous Priority Live Welcome Distinctive Loyal Prosperous Bounty Rejoice Honored Reasonable Heart Fearless Affable Independent Infatuation Exhilarated Sure Unreal Ready Passion Exotic Overjoyed Victory Wow Effervescent Comfortable Seductive True Grateful Aware Vanish Inspired Imagination True Fast Timeless Accepting Hopeful Unquestionable Luminous Limitless Balance Paradise Helpful Gain Victor Frisky Waterfall Appealing Assertive Space Leisure Observant Responsibility Fetching Yearning Euphoric Approval Attachment Extra Handsome Warm Disciplined Absorbing Placid Moon Vibrant Quantity Assured Lovely Unbiased DiscomfortZone Superlative Positive Dearest Invited Victorious Convenient Sincere Prepared Generosity Cautious Responsive Treat Forgiving Yielding Effortless Gracious Warmhearted Discovery Present Integrity Joy Astounding Talented Bountiful Regenerated Enchantment Fair Achievement Transformation Approve Amused Boyfriend Appetite Need Attraction Desirable Spotless Compatible Fantastic Plenty Laughter Miraculous Conscientious Sheer Up Swell Intrigued Gorgeous Action Constant Silver Attentive Pride Unity Selflessness Thrilled Qualified Pleased Admiration Goodwilled Amazing Sunrise Advantage Proud Heartwarming Noble Delight Expressive Bliss Sweetheart Brisk Remarkable Composed Sexy Sun Imaginative Ocean Bargain Approving Progress Hug Divined Clean Satisfaction Radiant Knowledge Amiable Unselfish Worthwhile Edified Assistance Peak Young Elated Swift Surprising Immaculate Philanthropy Palatial Abundance Tops Interaction Mature Lingering Trusting Loving Light Breezy Release Impulsive Pleases Juicy Fly Surf Reassuring Upright Active Shine Festive Attracted Trust Instant Fortified Champ Rewarded Zeal Elevated Agree Acceptable Thriving Coy Smile Sparkle Enticing Comic  Special Purposeful Joyous Industrious Upstanding Breathtaking Accelerated Vital Just Chic Rooted Beaming Justness Impressive Cheerful Right Well Distinguished Affected Kindred Fascinating Like Fascinated Totally Innocent High Diamond Strengthened Child Endless Honor Flexible One Beats Affluent Symphony Congruent Share Valentine Constructivism Enhance Nutritious Great Able-Bodied Inspire Decent Allies

Gravatar – A Globally Recognized Avatar

Image for your online comments

Gravatar is a small image that is associated with your email, and every time you write a comment online where the gravatar service is supported the site gets to pickup your picture and use it as your signature.

Gravatar is a good way to get a face to the person behind a comment, but it could also be a logo, if you are commenting on behalf of a company.

Another neat thing is that every unique gravatar is associated with an email, so if you have multiple emails, you can have multiple online avatars :-)

See my comment below if you create a gravatar and write a comment, your picture also appears.


Animations of when life throws you a curveball

You have been speaking the truth but that was a foreign language to every one else.


When life insists on stateing: I know it is what I always say and I am always right.¬†I’m Simply Explaining Why I’m Right.


Your insomnia starts when your A.D.D kicks in one sheep, two sheeps, dogs, pelican, old McDonald had ey Macarena.


And post traumatic growth make you realize that life is just a test that teaches you a lesson.


So you tried to pay attention to the little things but attention paid back!


And someone say, you are what you eat, and you realize you have been eating nuts all day.


You realize that your greatest mistake was when you did nothing thinking you only could do so little.


And get that eerie feeling as back when you got analed the first time.


As if your having amnesia and deja vu at the same time, thinking you have forgotten this before.


Just like your mom never saw the irony in calling you a son-of-a-bitch and your best pickup line is¬†Jean-Claude Van Damme you’re sexy!


Thats when teachers corrects you while defining a challenge as 1boy+3girls and a problem as 3boys+1girl.


Just before you realize that parkour¬†is the martial art of running away…


You finally jump from space just to get a girlfriend and where you land it takes years to get home…


And realize you were duckface before it was cool and everyone else is just quackers.


(:O love my momma