2024-04-20 22:29:25 CLIMATE


I don't carry an ounce of cynicism(BC). I am a realist with a healthy mind and a lifetime of experience with practicing critical thinking. Refugees is a minor issue although, as horrible as it is, many will die and most of those are children. Yet, refugees is a symptom of the core problem with the human monkey. Heck, let's us be comfortably unaware that these deaths is caused by American warmongering and is the least of what is to come. The term climate war will be frequently used when the first western country is unable to sustain it's human populations long time before the first landmass disappear below the surface of the ocean. Livestock grazing, farming and animal agriculture must be our main concern and the only problem to address for the betterment of everything and everyone, including the animals. Let's end world hunger!!! And western agriculture is responsible for 51% of all CO2 pollution.

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