2024-06-15 08:00:28 DE TAILS

De Tails

Teach me how to treat you properly. Teach me your languages. Teach me what you find important and how not to hurt you. The pheasant hen is afraid of me yet she still made her nest below my camper. Her eggs just hatched and she gave me a feather as I put out new food specifically for her and I did not eat her newborn babies. They are two days old now. I guess, even with her limited brain, she understand that her perception of me is a reflection of her and her instincts and her reaction to me is my awareness of her as I do not seem to pose a threat but feeds her. I want physical touches. The animals can sense I am spiritual in nature. My friends see my body is strong. People I meet understand me as bright and God knows I have an ancient soul. Let me attract what is meant for me. #Cats #ILove #AlmostTouchingWildlife

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