2024-05-20 14:20:39 I DISLIKE ROTTEN FRUIT

Magic Berry

To my knowledge there is no fruit's I dislike. Those who know me know that I eat and enjoy eating almost all things. Every day I make shakes with lots of fruits, vegetables and berries. Maybe if I consumed a magic berry from African I dislike both strawberries and melon but then again maybe they just had to be treated right. That is why this blog should be about the rotten kind.

Rotten Fruit

There are many types of rotten fruits. Our planet is not a kind place and it has never know peace. On average the human monkey scheme, slander, trap and plan cruel actions. When I was employed by IBM I was taught not to unhook nor penetrate where we should not. I is not in the spirit of blue IBM. Also this kind of behavior was considered juxtapose to devious, savage and brutal evil that, like karma, eventually would be measurable on our bottom line. I am totally aligned with this mindset. Several times in my business life my company have experience unhooking. One of these companies is currently under scrutiny for corruption and the management is being legally crushed. Grateful to the fact that those that can do anything about it does not turn a blind eye.

Factory IT

To point to a specific rotten fruit without name dropping I accentuate somebody stole the source code of one of my private hobby projects by accident. It was an algorithm that might eventually solve the impossible puzzle. Though it was far from complete I tell ya, they had no clue what the had acquired...


Today I know, via logic deduction, who it was back in the days that made a data burglary at our office. It was 2006 but Opiin was already a Cloud architecture as such there was no disruption to our production systems and our customers did not experience any downtime. We lost a bunch of internal documentation, bookkeeping, contracts and as well as our pipeline was exposed. The only setback was that we had to rewrite a distribution agreement we were negotiating with a Norwegian company. It\'s not being Sherlock Holmes anything the question is really just to identify the motive and then continue deduction observing years of business Denmark. It is just like when your mind return to memory and eventually you might come up with a plausible answer to that situation. I ended up having a name for a sit down if I was ever asked to meet someone over a dinner or alike. Of course the dialog would be off the books.


Life events like this can be game changing and the impact was considerable for my private life. Our office and business location was the basement of my private home. To my families feeling of security and privacy in our own home was disrupted. We did not claim insurance, only peanuts for replacing my laptop and a couple of hard disks for the servers running our test environments but we really lost a lot of business intellectual capital. We should have fetched a pile of gold but we did not due to miserable journalism and the mistrust of what and why this actually happened.

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