2024-07-13 20:01:03 EXOTIC SPICE IS LIFE

Exotic Spice Is Life

Where did you come from. Must be the sky. I myself came here to die. When you get where you are going, the whole world you ended; everything beneath the earth, sky, stars and your heaven. Your summit love makes half-men half-weathered kings but w8, I vibrantly love you and in your shadow we are more than a secret exotic spice. We are conscious life. Others, in many countries, know of fear and countless sentinels. Letting earthly life and limitations dictate faith and dreams, and future pyramids. I would rather be found by you, than find and open the grave of Khufu. We could know of worlds, food, naked science, peace, play and non violence. Believe in a life of true consent, free from hardship, pain and strife. Let's love and grow like we are flying on kisses. *3 *3 *3 Receive me and we let authenticity be our medicine. Do not almost - We both have faith in God. Be my valentine.

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