2024-05-20 14:57:11 FEELING SOME BODY

Feeling Some Body

It is very difficult to get off once the rat race is ongoing. And it certainly not without scratches we rise. Sometimes scratches get so old as we forget them while thundering on. Wounds we rediscovered as we come out. It is ok to tender somebody around us and have me too in us cravings for life. We are biochemical. Look into each others eyes. What do we do? Feelings are messy blessings and it's my birthday; I wish all to feel at peace and delight. All odds are against us, realizing feeling into the solitude of my now. These batteries are strong and confident enough to be gentle. Please Blow My Eyes Out (+45 30980888) started this journey to get vaccinated ready to go on expedition. Off-line from July 4th returning Tuesday, 31 august 10:00 with flight FR607 in Copenhagen Airport. Returning from super isolation to isolate in CPH open and vulnerable as at no time earlier.

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