My first kiss, my first love

My first kiss

Was with a girl from my street growing up. Her name was Kira. We were way too young to know what love was all about and the kiss was friendly and innocent. We were great friends and among other playful memories like who could pie the furthest and playing with her barbies. In this sense she introduced me to how girls and dolls looked without clothes.

My first love

My first love is both a story from my childhood as well as a story from my adult life. In eight grade I fell head over heals in love with a wonderful girl I meet at our local water park. After a short fight for her attention, we became a couple but it only lasted a few months. For me it was a huge. I was quite heartbroken but moved to Texas, U.S.A. to live with a host family. Traveling made me forget.

My marriage

Years later I was happy, content and married with children in what I thought was a rock solid marriage that would last forever. It did not. After 11 years, we decided that we were not going to grow old together. I did not see this coming but I did not get sad. My x-wife knew me well and made sure our breakup was a good thing for both of us and in turn I gave her a fresh start. In many ways I was never in love with my x-wife but to this day she was one of the best thing that every happened to me.

My first love, second time around

Beginning a new life after marriage, the first thing I did was to create a Facebook profile. It was obvious, even back then, Facebook is a perfect dating tool and a way for people to hook up or reach out to those that have their interest, admire or hope to engage in one way or the other. I searched for my first love and by chance I discovered on her timeline she just divorced some guy and wrote her a message. We meet and I was in love again. I should not have contacted her. At this point in time, my life was very chaotic, busy and quite stressful. I scared her away. Among many things, I was traveling a lot negotiating trying to finalizing a deal with a Norwegian conglomerate to take ownership of one of my products. Her breakup devastated me. One Friday we were supposed to go camping over the weekend but she wrote me just hours before I was to pick her up. She had meet someone else at a festival just days before and they were already a thing. Me being in love and having stockpiled big time on survival gear and camping equipment, was suddenly super lost, and felt deprecated and ridiculed. I had been looking forward to this weekend away in nature with someone who, at the time, meant the world to me. I still do want to go on that adventure someday. With my gear unused and in storage for years on end I know somehow somebody will make me breathe air again. This person is adventurous but only with me (: