Five Problems With Social Media

Realizing..again..with my insane work schedule it is hard for me to both actually do the magic source code for the products and at the same time release acceptable blogs. Less must be more in my case. Days of fully engaged writing would be a dream come true but is, at this point in time, quite irresponsible. Nudging by turning off notifications on multiple devices as many depends on me to actually do that IT stuff, preferably all the time.

Facebook Birthdays

Birthday notifications is a big thing for me, almost a problem. Facebook was the first platform that successfully turned birthdays into a feature that in a passive way ingeniously secure and maintain the user population. I do appreciate birthdays and always write personal text messages to people close to me but if I do appreciate birthdays; Is it then shameful not to write congratulations on social media. It is your friends birthday, you noticed but did nothing, why then are you friends. What if it is the timeline of your own child, would other people notice. We as a planet spend decades each year writing birthday messages wishing for happiness, well being and that sheets are changed every day. This kind of intricate insights is exactly what we share with each other. If you only have one, why hide it?

LinkedIn Anniversary Notifications

This is the corporate Facebook of social networks. It is the portal for your to present your curriculum vitae. It is used by employers to check references to make sure there is truth to what ever image you present of yourself in your application. It is also a place many entrepreneurs present their startups. I have many companies but only one not dormant collecting royalties. All in all, I would have a hole lot of fucking birthdays every year. That kind of communication would be an overwhelming experience. Why would I stress my friends ever that often to write appreciation when things that really matters only exist in real life. So a few visible companies is enough, especially when anniversaries, just like birthdays, are broadcasted far and wide in your social network. That is a lot of time and energy almost about nothing.


While I enjoyed playing (and DMing) Dungeons & Dragons, chainmail is efficient to boost protecting to the body and give armor stats. One of my great friends took a globetrotting decision moving far far north within the Kingdom of Denmark. Way up north between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans is a very isolated place. In such a remote place chainmail messages is a innocent way to reach out and make friendly contacts. Much similar to when we were children asking around other kids the same question. No one likes a threat but it is only related to and a sign of the sender. Form this sound perspective the problem with chainmail is sole related to security and potential spreading of malware. When did you last change your passwords?

Facebook Top Comments

When a social network begins to control what users see in their feeds the networks breaks by default. If we are friends, I want so see everything you do, in the order you do it, if you share it with me. Social media have a tendency to impact our lives in a profound ways both by cunning and by chance. Feeling it a lot, is what I do. I really don’t like it. The search for truth is many things nowadays and top comments is the worse. Let’s say some dude, with a lot of social influence, stands looking over a balcony to outcry culture, patriotism and love for his country. This shout out could have been the beginning of an inspiring dialog but drowns when the airhead comment; Especially when there is such a good thing waiting in your bedroom!!💦, is up-vote by trolls.

Language And Dialog

The real problem with social media is the high probability of dumbing down dialog whether is the deliberate oversimplification of intellectual content or the fact that without sorting the who, the whats, the whys, then the rowdy and the firsts wins. The medial could do so much more facilitating education, literature, cinema, news, video games and culture. The ones that could actually change things are only thinking about how to grow or maintain wealth, never how to make a fortune matter. When your business is all about greasing wheels, you understand that any remotely profound dialog has the potential to change the world. The more noise there is for everybody to deal with, less likely it is these situations of intimate dialog and understanding actually happen. To leach the flow you have to keep the status quo. I am learning to thrive in this chaos but I really resent the noise that so many of us has to deal with. It is a grave pain to our world and it begins in the early years when we have just learned intolerance, jealous and greed as part of being a human monkey. Love was always the answer. Be kind.

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