2024-04-20 21:16:40 GROUNDHOG DAY

Today Is The 2. February, 2018

And my life experience is not unlike living in ‎Punxsutawney. Make sure each day is a magical new beginning for the better. There is no past! The only reality is every moment. Stay happy and excited about the best possible multiverse future. Trust the magic of new beginnings. Though beginnings are just disguised endings and the best time for beginnings is always now. In the end, the beginnings just doesn’t matter. We all try at best, to remember the best version of us..all meanwhile living life spending and wasting hours on feeds and messages roughly based on chance connecting. Even though we are many, we are land orca and to some bad stuff fells good. We all strive, each in our own way, to excel with what we are passionate about. Let’s try and help each other, like families do, every day and at Christmas to make the endings feel right.


My reality is just chapters in a really great book and I will force myself to blog about this crazy challenging life as a seasoned serial entrepreneur. Nobody has ever thanked me for not killing me. I do not fear anything, not even failure. I will regret being the exact same place next year as I am today. But then again, change is constant we can count on. Even though all my current companies are ensured huge financial success, my personal ledger with karma will eventually for sure hit me back.

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