2024-04-20 23:33:40 IN ANOTHER LIFE

In Another Life

I need a father, I need a mother, I need someone wise to laugh and cry with. I feel God but our sky is empty. Wild Soul, my sister. My British and married friend. Your package did not arrive. This is not a first package that is lost like that. Someone once set me a birthday present. I asked for a used t-shirt and dirty nickers still the box was stolen in Holland. So you see. No presents is allowed to reach me unless delivered in person. Let me send you a necklace that will protect you. What is your address maybe write on whatsoever +4530980888 Uw8Ltfm, did I tell I felt Peter had been my father too. ANGELINA moan on me! Don't forget we've know each other. Chocolate dipped deliciousness don't be quite, like ever. Coffee a little bit closer. The nights are so long and riri,

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