2024-05-20 15:01:44 INSTINCTUAL FEAR

Instinctual Fear

My place is warm and cosy, you know it isn't your home. In the old days I had squished you, now I touch you and behold. All frightened you release your hinges, cramp up to fall below but my hand is in place to catch you. You Do need to go. Still cuddled up a second, you realize hey, this isn't cold. Scared limbs unfolding, to run away but no. I close my fist to protect you. Me the giant as you reflect mostly grub and chow. Around and around in circles you run the sphere to a fitting hole. The pen of me hold you as this now is your temporary whole. I feel your teeth protruding, try to penetrate my leathery skin you do. I do not react to your blessings but steady wait until we are at the goal. The point of where the disembarkation, the place I decided for you to roam. As I open my fist you stall, what is this, is this true what do you show. A sunflower half eaten by beetles. Help me, I helped you, now be gone and here we go....

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