2024-04-20 22:31:09 KIND SOOTHING DREAMS

Kind Soothing Dreams

Working as a health care worker and was invited to a room I had never noticed before. Someone with a tiny head, tiny arms, tiny legs but with a big body was sitting on the bed. The patient was known for being rude and doing self-harm. As we entered the patient rolled out of bed on purpose and fell to the ground. Now bleeding I lifted the patient back all while being kicked in my stomach and bitten in my face. I looked straight in the eyes and smiled as I sat down the little fellow on the bed. I lifted up my t-shirt and said "go for it" never letting go of eye contact with the almost empty gaze and said "If you never again hurt yourself, I promise I will not leave you and you can kick me all you want and we can be friends." My dream zoomed and two people were standing outside in the hallway talking about me and the one said "if you can't find Michael he is in that room, he always is. He never leaves." Then I awoke. I realize the dream might have been triggered by a story I read a bit earlier that same evening.

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