Kindle E Ink display

What is your favorite book… This is a question I have asked many in the past… I have read many great books I would not otherwise have read if I had not asked and bought the book. In turn I would face the dread to select which book to read. We as a society have invested many fortunes in battery technology but this far not been able to produce anything handy with endless capability or any longevity what so ever… Not close to general available anyways. The Kindle takes a different approach and is a strong example on how to save energy rendering tons of information not unlike a real book. The graphite display works great in direct sunlight but gives in with twilight in the evening as such a small LED keeps my battery hard at work. Though it has a bit slow reaction time turning pages in contrast to this video my Kindle keeps battery for 8 weeks without using the LED flash light or WiFi.

A great book experience can in some instances be compared to a long lost friend. It can cultivate your inner most thoughts in ways only shared with true friends and inspire you to dream. A great book can have my back for weeks at a time, kinda like a great friend, I trust my Kindle enables me to read at convenience. As far as I remember technology have been a natural part of my life. As a return for a favor someone gave me a hardcover vampire book. Read it twice. That was last fiction book I read in a long time until last summer…

Time is your most valuable asset so why not read the best books recommended by friends, mostly read or referenced. The Kindle let you read through thousands of pages in an intuitive and friendly natural reading interface. Turning pages back and forward can be activated with both your right and left hand. I use Calibre as E-book management tool and to convert source files into the open .mobi format. Mobi files can be loaded while recharging the battery using a USB 2.0 – micro connector cable. My Kindle is a 6″ diagonal E Ink® electronic paper display with a 1200 x 824 pixel resolution at 167 PPI in a gray scale and a very light weight design.

When was the last time you made friends with your inner elephant… While it is winter why not kick back, take it real slow and find some time to read.  It just might put a smile on your face ;)


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