Stop. Just stop. Don't move. It's not a request. It's an obligation. I am here to help. This supersonic mountain has covered the rails. No trains, schools, shopping centres, or public meetings. We've broken this crazy tornado of illusions and obligations that are stopping us from turning our eyes towards the sky. Look at the stars, listen to the sound of the sea, birds are chirping, roll in the meadows. Cut an apple from the tree, smile at an animal in the forest, breathe with the mountain, listen to the voices. We are forced to pause.

Our God

We cannot replace God. We have a common obligation. Like we always did, we have just forgotten about it. We are pausing the ominous transmission of divisions and distractions, to make this announcement: We are not doing well, none of us is. We are suffering. Last year, all those fires that took place, put the lungs of our Earth in flames; but it did not stop us. Neither did the melting icebergs. Nor the realisation that you are the only culprits of the sixth mass extinction. We didn't hear our Mother. It is difficult to listen, when we are so busy climbing up the stairs to reach the maximum of our own pleasure. Our world's foundations are collapsing due to our materialistic desires.

I Will Help You

I'll bring those fiery storms to your body. I'll plunge our lungs. I will isolate you like a polar bear on an iceberg in an open sea. Are you listening to me now? We are not doing well. I am not an enemy. I am a messenger, an ally, a force that will restore balance. Hear me out. I will be howling until you do. Stop. Remain silent.

Nothing's True Was Later Discovered To Be A Lie.

It is timeListen. Turn your gaze towards the sky. How does it look? There are no airplanes. What else does it take to feel satisfied and mindful of the oxygen you are given? Stare at the ocean, how does it look? Stare at the rivers, how do they look? Stare at the Earth, how does it look? Stare at your own self for a while, how do you feel? We cannot remain healthy in such a sick ecosystem. Stop. I know you feel scared at the moment. Do not give in to fear. Do not let it overpower you. Listen to what it has to say, as it is wisdom. It is time that we all learn how to smile with our eyes. I will help you, if you listen to me. Just listen.

by Darinka Montico & Kristin Flyntz

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