2024-05-20 16:09:16 LOVE IN MONOLOGUE

Love In Monologue

I miss the you in we. I love the you in us without distance. Of all things, love matters most. To think you as happy, if that is all I can do. I am waiting for my wife. Feels of hands rubbing's, cleaning each others backs, profound warmth, comfort, sharing a simple meal, gazing at the same details makes the light break into endless colors at the edge of my eyes. I feel, I am; ready to curiously memorize imperfection and support every stance even protect both front and back Who am I to judge. It is all subjective exposure to our own thoughts proclaiming the placebo of god. I believe, I think even deities believe in a circle. Manifest us willingly to create our future. I think about the big real and that's okay as I think I am supposed to do that. I can be silent. Both helps lift my day as the knowing of truth is a reality that makes me want to go back to sleep. We all have divined potential. We all can move mountains or rot away in jail. Praying the one I LOVE smiles back when i look at HER.

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