2024-04-20 23:19:56 LOVING SALT

Loving Salt

In love, we're like water, flowing and free,Adapting to change, as fluid as the sea. Embracing the currents, a dance so divine, Love, like water, transcends the confines. Tea, a blend of flavors, a mix so sweet, Love's harmony, a delicate treat. Steeping in time, its essence unfurls, Love, like tea, intoxicates and swirls. Coffee, bold and invigorating the soul, Love, a rich blend, making us whole. A jolt of passion, a warmth so deep, Love, like coffee, the promises it keeps. Salt, the seasoning, both bitter and sweet, Love's challenges, making us complete. A sting in the wounds, yet healing the pain, Love, like salt, endures through sun and rain.

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