Lumigon T2 HD Review – Early verdict

Review and early verdict of the Lumigon T2 HD: What a nice piece of technonolgy! Let’s kick it of with the big question. Is it worth the money? Every penny I say!

Ever since I got my first Lumigon I have been following the official website anticipating the arrival of the Lumigon 4G cell. The Lumigon T2 HD is now available for purchase directly on the official Lumigon website. I was so excited to receive my new cell within a few days  of placing the order and I had to use it right away. Lacking a functional nanoSIM, I seriously considered chopping my SIM card with a pocket knife but ended up completing the sign-on to Google by Wi-Fi to get the migration going. Everything went smoothly as most Android users are probably familiar with Google’s smart way of handling the transition of a new phone.

The Lumigon T2 HD has the world’s largest internal memory of a whopping 128 GB. The most common on the market is 16 GB. Considering the specifications for high performance this product meets my expectations to the fullest with the processor as fast as several similar devices with advanced multitasking capabilities. The general UI is smooth, fast and pretty as the display is bright and crisp 720 x 1280p.

The nanoSIM card tray fits with precision inside the elegant steel frame and to get it out you need a bit of force with the provided tool to open the casing. The weight is really nice and the classy stainless-steel, easy to access buttons and the anti-print Corning® Gorilla® glass really gives a feel of quality  with the now enlarged 4,3″ screen.

The keyboard is nice along with the access to colorful emoticons. The backside has a perfectly working 13 megapixel camera with flash and BSI-sensor and the frontside is a very nice 2,4 megapixel camera with flash great for selfies or a mirror while applying lip gloss.

On average mobile devices take very bad pictures at night, especially pictures of the moon. I am quite impressed by the camera quality as you can see on the bottom three pictures the quality of nighttime photos is fair and acceptable. Can’t wait to see the outcome of a picture taken by the Lumigon T2 HD at sunset.

If you are like me, you have got at least a couple of social apps, various podcast, news and RSS feeds, a game or two, and maybe you even stream television and have various excellent widgets installed. The availability of 4G Internet makes all the difference. For the first time in my life I feel that mobility makes sense. Though smartphones is not yet in the wearables category, luddites have adopted the gadget enabling a paradigm shift.

There is no way to take out the battery or open the back lid as the phone is water and dust resistant enough to forget in the rain or bring to Mars. I wish I guess, even the audio jack is hydrophobic. Maybe one day we will be able to take pictures under water with this so cool adopted  viking technology.

Most Android users are probably familiar with Google’s smart personal assistant Google Now. At least since the Android 4.4 KitKat voice commands are profoundly integrated with the Android user interface. Google works constantly on Google Now to make it an even more immersive and helpful tool.

To help keep data usage down and battery life from magically disappearing, you should ensure each app is behaving appropriately so check its settings for “Update Frequency”.

Some social apps are set to update every 15 minutes. I set mine to update every 4 hours, or when recharging placed in the dock. Some apps even have an option to synchronize only while connected to WiFi. Keep in mind that you can turn on push notifications in the smartest apps. This will keep your battery usage to a minimum and makes apps feel faster because the information is already on your phone, before you ask for it.

The Lumigon action key in the top part of the front display is simply ingenious and smart in nature. It can be configured to activate certain functions depending on the situation. Long click the activity button and it turns on the flashlight but if you are in a conference call, a long click will mute your speaker.

The sales package includes a stunningly designed dock in the same look-n-feel as the phone. With the behaviour control function you are able to define where the dock is located and what should happen when the phone is placed in the charger. Big points to Lumigon for delivering a station in the default packing as well as making it useful with features that make this dock much more than just a dock. Dock, dock, dock….


Lumigon T2 HD is simply one of the best balanced performing smartphones on the market! Amazing design, high quality and it comes with perks. After acquiring the phone I had the privilege to talk to the founder of Lumigon, Lars Gravesen. After 90 minutes of battling entrepreneurship, business ideas, trends and buzz I ended up walking away with a prototype. Yes, my Lumigon T2 HD is made of gold. Unlike most producers of mobile devices the Lumigon T2 HD primary sales channel is directly from the Lumigon website but can also be purchased through strategic partners.