Lumigon T3 – A Tough Viking Flagship

Review and early verdict of the Lumigon T3: What a nice piece of technology! Let’s kick it of with the big question. Is it worth the money? Every penny I say! This flagship isn’t just the top of Lumigon’s line, it’s one of the best smartphones in the world, fully featured with all the functionality you really need including a night vision camera. I usually don’t buy stuff but when I do I go for quality and I’ve held plenty of smartphones over the years, none as remarkable as the T3. When you look at it head-on, it’s unmistakably a Lumigon, though the top button of the display was moved to the side to make room for the discrete but distinct colored notification light and to improve usability and one-handed gripping.

Ever since I got my first Lumigon I have been following the official website anticipating the arrival of the next Lumigon cell available for purchase directly on the official Lumigon website. I was so excited to receive my new cell within a few days of placing the order and after charging I had to use it right away booting and applying Wi-Fi credentials in order to completed the 2-Step Verification sign-on to Google and get the migration going. I have never hear that any other smartphone support hot swapping a SIM card. It seems crazy amazing this is possible so obviously I had to try it out inserting my nanoSIM while the smartphone was on. Everything went smooth as expected and most Android users are probably familiar with Google’s smart way of handling the transition to a new phone.

The Lumigon T2 HD had at the time of release the world’s largest internal memory of a whopping 128 GB. Lucky for us consumers this has not changed as Lumigon T3 ship with 128 GB as standard. I find it crazy that most smartphones on the market is packaged with tiny memory even though some offer an option to upgrade. Considering the specifications for high performance this product meets my expectations to the fullest with a huge processor upgrade to a 2.2 ghz 64 bit octa core Helio X10, as fast as several similar devices with advanced multitasking capabilities. The general UI is smooth, fast and pretty amoled active-matrix organic light-emitting diode display in a bright and crisp 720 x 1280p resolution.

The dual nanoSIM card tray fits with precision inside the elegant steel frame and you do not even need a tool to open the casing. The dual SIM feature is very useful especially for the frequent traveler. To my knowledge only very few models offer this capability. The feel is really nice weighing in at a 145 g and the classy stainless-steel, easy to access buttons and the uncompromising construction excellence utilization of premium materials such as ultra-hard molybdenum marine-grade stainless steel and Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4 really gives a feel of quality with the now enlarged 4.8″ HD screen.

The backside has a perfectly working 13 MP 4K PDAF Isocell camera with active object tracking and flash along with a night vision camera and the frontside is a very nice 5 megapixel camera with frontflash great for selfies or as mirror while applying lip gloss.


As of May 2016 only 7.5% of all Android devices is running Marshmallow as such it is a true love story with a highly dependent relationship between hardware vendors and the operating system. Most Android users are probably familiar with Google’s smart personal assistant Google Now. At least since the Android 4.4 KitKat voice commands are profoundly integrated with the Android user interface. Google works constantly on Google Now to make it an even more immersive and helpful tool. The capabilities in Android Marshmallow is astounding and it makes perfect sence of my talk, even in danish!

It takes 1.5-2 hours to fully charge the phone supported by USB Type-C’s power delivery spec. To help keep data usage down and prolong battery life and in general keep battery juice from magically disappearing, you should ensure each app is behaving appropriately so check its settings for “Update Frequency”. Some social apps are set to update every 15 minutes. I set mine to update every 4 hours, or while recharging. Some apps even have an option to synchronize only while connected to Wi-Fi. Keep in mind that you can turn on push notifications in the smartest apps and always in the applications configuration list in the operating system. This will keep your battery usage to a minimum and on most apps I don’t want to be disrupted by information before asking for it.

The Lumigon action key is simply ingenious and smart in nature. Behaviour can be configured and is by default compiled to certain functions depending on the situation. Click the activity button and it turns on the flashlight but if you are in a conference call, a click will begin record conversations without the annoying beep we all know about.


There is no way to take out the battery or open the back lid as the phone is manufactured to be resistant to low-pressure foreign particles. This means the phone resists light exposure to water and dust so you can continue to talk during a rainfall without worrying or complete a sweaty workout in the desert. There is still some development and design issues that needs to be solved before we all can take pictures underwater but as of now the T3 is hydrophobic. Bet the follow up model will be completely adopted, because Dr. LG is a true viking creating sustainable technology trying to solve things to benefit everyone.

The sales package includes perfectly rated headset in a stylish design and fantastic clear hi-fi sound with a deep responsive bass for a rich listening experience along with a recharger with a braided fabric cable to protected and avoid twist and squeeze damage.

Night vision is barely out of its technological infancy and amending a infrared searchlight to image converter in a smartphone device intended for civilian use is certainly a first for me. It is astoundingly practical while taking pictures or making videos in the dark and it is super fun to play around with almost like cats vision when the flash would drain the battery.

If you have Chromecast plugged to your HDTV’s HDMI port the Lumigon T3 works perfectly as a portal to fling content to the TV screen. This works with Sidewinder as well but I did not try it yet. The Lumigon product line has all along propose to replace your TV remote as a nifty way to save money on batteries by being the sustainable remote that empower your flat screens.

Fingerprint authentication is a smart and contemporary security feature. Personally, with joy and delight, I had a chance to observe the pairing of the Lumigon smartphone to the so very nice onboard navigation system in a high-end Tesla. The pairing process was quite seamless. All in all my verdict is the Lumigon T3 is an incredible little machine.