My earliest memory

My earliest memory

A new science study suggest that forgetfulness and the ability to discard details is not a sign that we are loosing our marbles. Science reveal that you just may have more important things on my mind… literally! It also suggest that forgetfulness may actually be a sign of great intelligence because this kind of subconscious filtering may help cope with change and deal with difficult situations.

My earliest real memory

My earliest real memory is a powerful one full of happiness. I am very young, waking up from a nap, in the garden of my parents house and our family Sct. Bernard is the first thing I see. He is watching me, protecting me, waiting for me to wake up so we can play once more. When he sense my eyes he crawls to me on paws, not touching, just getting closer. I sit up and hug his warm fury face. The feeling was of absolute joy and with a heartbreaking sense of security. I loved that dog and I love animals to this day. My house will eventually be full of life and a hole lot of security for sure.

My earliest fake memory

My earliest fake memory is also powerful but in a very different way. It must be a fake because I am only three months old, tops. This time also a situation waking up but this time I am alone. I cry for help. After a long while a stranger comes up to me, talks some stuff I actually believe I understands and leaves. My mom was an independent jeweler and married to my much absent but hardworking farther. It was a tough thing for her to create and drive her business all while being there for all of us children. I spoke to my mother about this memory as such it might be a fake reality subjected to a pseudo parapsychology with ghosts and other spirits tied to me, in my life. That is an entirely different blog that would best take form as a short story with typically featured entities such as dragons, elves, elementals, fairies, giants, nymphs, griffins, gnomes, goblins and mermaids mixed with other worldly magical beings in a tale staring the cast of the Rick and Morty cartoons.