My life in seven years

My life in seven years

I’m in strong belief that Nikola Tesla’s vision of free energy someday will become a reality and if they don’t do it fast enough cheap, let it disrupt the energy marked in such a way that it holds true to his dream for all of us. Seven years from now I expect much will happen, as these past seven have been quite crazy with many profound events. Just this year we created the tiniest led of 1 wide. I dream that my next base will be my forever home and at this place, I will share the experience of holding hands, every day, with my better half while observing the KIC 9832227 meeting and exploding of the pair, as a “red nova”, giving us a brand new body near Deneb on our night sky.

My goal for 2018 are manageable as it always was to set up base and gather my wolf pack in order to wake up in a home among the hills. We will have fun preparing for an extreme ice-age weather scenario that eventually will hit us for sure. That Do drink WATER everybody. Ppls do you have a glass bottle of water next to you? Looking way ahead in a plausible future without abundance, one can easily imagine the natural introduction of rationing several commodities and in case of rising water or ancient atmospheric compounds returning to our environment it may overall become a tad harder to breathe. We may be able to live with these dangerous events but I hope that God will not let us lose our giants along our way and as an optimist, rising waters do give whales more space. 

Our life with enhanced biology

Within seven years we will see full body suits for remote immersion and selfie 24/7 drones for the perfect picture are common among some along with problems passing borders and clearing customs due to metal in limbs and artificial teeth. Let’s talk 70 hours time just that short a window the next big thing will explode world wide. Maybe a new device is introduced. A pair of cool specs goes general available that among all the other cool connected commercial stuff besides actually understanding what you say, they also micro analyse faces, who tells truth and what is the facial intent.

Let’s consider something very contemporary. The first true mutant super human will probably be born due to some neural network editing human genes into a super. Who knows where that will take the human race in 10.000 generations. And there is maybe 30 years until we spark artificial intelligence. An Adave1, like that, is a program with severe unforeseen flaws but might none the less in its lifetime eventually master mind reading and teach us all meditation while others are playing with the machines.  

Our life with automation

Automation was already here earlier as such it is accelerates jumping the chasm that probably ultimately being accepted around 2021 will forever change everything from global logistics you name it that’s is when if the consumers will feel the impact of true globalization between nations. The application of the technology will follow and have cognitively matured around 2035 which is still far off. Many new robots will be introduced before 2025 thought. Knowledge banks, butlers, police, bodyguards, food stations, drinks mixers, friends, run time translators, lawyers, sex machines, music composers, decision making matrices, farming bot and even creative bots for tattooing, drawing, authoring and designing.

Within the next seven years it is plausible that a follow me bot or some other drone or device will grant owners access to a virtual worlds. When the robots do the designing of new technology the pace will accelerate to a higher frequency above Moore’s law so what comes next will be very interesting.  I believe the first business area omnipotent robots will help us solve fully is logistics. My most comforting thought is that the robots will most likely help humanity transform our economy to be resource based.  

Our life with climate change

Ice-age or rising water. If our mother steps up…many will die and current plans will be spoiled profoundly. Did you kiss your better half today as if there is no tomorrow? True, it is unfathomable but sadly not an unlikely scenario, says even experts. Let’s pray that disaster will not happen and for commercialization of the solid state battery.