2024-05-20 15:06:43 MY LUMIGON T2

My Lumigon GorillaGlass ICEpower Anti-print

Not too recently a very dear friend surprised me with early access and the opportunity to beta test a brand new cell phone. It was a Lumigon T2 Corning® Gorilla® Glass, that is not unlike a legendary foil treat bag to a techie like me :) :) Years ago I bought my very own Sony Walkman®, that also got me very happy. But to play the same song twice on repeat was kinda backwards. New technology excites me especially when it is about intelligent design. The Lumigon activity button in the top part of the front display is simply ingenious and smart in nature. It can be configured to activate certain functions depending on the situation. Long click the activity button and it turns on the flashlight but if your in a conference call, a long click will mute your speaker.

The Thrilling Experience Of Unboxing A Lumigon T2

The box itself is really exclusive. The soft high quality material inside the box emphasize luxury and match perfectly the design of the phone as well as a stylish in-ear headset with a standard 3.5 mm connector. The back lid of the T2 fits with precision the elegant steel frame but it took me a couple of times hatching the lid to the frame to get use to the fact that you must use a bit of force to have the corners click in place. The weight is really nice and it gives you a feel of quality and robustness and not the sassy plastic feel many other mobile phones currently represent. The classy stainless-steel frame, easy to access buttons and the anti-print Gorilla glass really gives an overall look and feel of the Lumigon T2 being up there among the best.

Stylish, Elegant And Easy But What About Performance?

When it comes to hardware muscles the Lumigon T2 performs quite well with the SnapDragon™ dual-core processor combined with 1GB RAM and Android (4) Ice Cream Sandwich is more than enough to give a smooth user experience without occasional lags while running multiple apps and live wall papers. The cell features an 8-MP high-quality camera and you can take self-portraits in HD with the 720p front-facing camera as well as a backside illumination sensor (BSI) for capturing light that in turn allows great details and colors in the photos. Listening to podcast and music on a Lumigon is a soothing experience. The on-board sound system ICEpower® is rich, powerful and produced by Bang & Olufsen. Though the T2 is pretty much a good average on battery performance it still manages to go a full day without having to recharge. For more in detail information visit Lumigon.com.

Looking Forward To Google Glass

As I expected, the Lumigon T2 offers as good a web browsing experience as it is possible to get on a mobile device right now. Yes… I know way high expectations but Jarvis not there yet ;) Very much looking forward to try Google Talk on Glass later 2013. I do not know the product roadmap but hope that they prioritize alignment to the next and the next version of the very agile Android platform as the Lumigon seems quite capable to fully embrace.screenshot-lumigon-calendar-sync screenshot-lumigon-adjust-widgetI’m really enthusiastic about the native calendar as it is easy to access and very useful. The native calendar seamlessly integrate with Google and Microsoft Exchange Outlook and with a free tool like Active Sync everything is synchronized on my cell :) In addition the Lumigon T2 synchronize contact details with Google :) That is very handy if I ever loose my phone again. The ability to customize widget size to tiles is also a very nice touch by the Lumigon middleware.

Early Verdict

Using the T2 over three months it is always exciting when a new update is released. One of the things that I find is a great advantage is the feedback button. This feature gives us the opportunity to get in direct contact with the team behind Lumigon to share feedback, provide bug details and give them ideas to what features we would wish for in the future. This is a great advantage and it is cool to know that behind every great tech there is a great team working, fixing and maintaining keeping the platform alive.So reflecting on the past months and appx. 7.440 minutes of active usage not counting youtube, radio, the occasional podcast or stream the anti-fingerprint coating has pretty good contingency. As I do not know how many kilogram of raw material the T2 represent I imagine it must be considerable and my verdict is that it is worth every penny. Any professional who want to acquire a new mobile phone the Lumigon T2 gets my warmest recommendation. As far as I am concerned, anything Lumigon does to make their model look sleeker is just gravy as it seems that the T2 already makes the average user turn his head. It’s a balance of performance and portability at a reasonable price and so far the T2 fits the bill.

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