2024-05-20 14:49:40 NARCISOPATH


Everything, The Skin, Between Fingers. Your Name Sleeps On My Lower Lip. Under Your Closed Eyelids I Dream Rings And Spirals. Your One Hand Holds Both Mine I Am. Returning Through Millions Of Stories. Crawling Up The Spine Of A Long Time Ago. You Are My Mouth With Your Mouth I Look Up. What Is Inside Your Eyes Becomes A Part Of Me. Painted Fingernails Open My Kind Wild Warm Baby Heart. You Are Nobody's Spouse But You Must Own Me Every Night. Voluntarily Under You Once Born To Be On Top. Again You Discover All My Secrets. Smiles You Think This Is The First Time We Meet. A Thousand Women Swim Through Me But None Is You. My Body Is Open I Am The Palm Against My Upper Arm. Warm Blood Comforts Slept Quietly In My Heart. The Scent Of Hair No One Lets Go. I Am We In Me.

Courteous Jovial Novel Keen Intuitive Interested Motivated Mighty Admire Chromatic Believe Blue Kindness Meditation Practise Bounce Dolphin Balance Difference Focused Free Gentle Imagine

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