2024-04-20 23:12:02 NEVER LOSE EVENDAY

Never Lose Evenday

Never lose evenday and be on time to fix, clean, love, cook, move, read, plan, clean, prepare, do, clean, father, move, wise, think-bath, play, learn, clean, save, goto, pick up, eat, clean, listen to, cover, close, clean, monday, juggle, cook, father, earn, carry, work, consider, clean, dry, pay, please, move, respect, clean, move, clean, cook, dream, remind you, clean, around it, father, learn, foolish things, clean, sing, cook, bewitch, be change and create all while being a way too mindful inventor trying to get those workouts off his chest, rest, sleep, earn and I am Michael. #ILoveMonday #EveryDayIsWednesday #Beaches

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