2024-05-20 14:48:11 OATMEAL


So my life went down the tube for various reasons and I was forced to enjoy very simple meals every day. Today I realize I was very lucky as simple living purified my body and soul. Thanks for the hardship. I am ready to bleed again and never read, write, draw or code to escape an unhealthy reality. Everyone builds stories from their unique perspective with limited memory of what we recall from time past by, confirmation biased and through eyes that hardly see. When I understand myself I seem to forget. QED - No human knows me. Not even myself. Fan crush. Now I realize that need 1.000 subscribers on YouTube to turn on the YouTube feature I need... 1.000!!! That is a lot. Can you help me? Maybe I can reach that amount if I run for X-Factor 2022 here in Denmark.

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