2024-05-20 14:36:43 ONE REASON

One Reason

Presence, the thick woolen poison of feeling the darkness as the Sun pass us by with nothing but thought. We give each other to the Old Ones. Recollected timing, blunders, a hand full of mistakes and a few missed wins. Breathing below dark water in flooded caves. Lit eyes green in transparent thunder. Closed eyes now, we have us to fall. Into. Created. Together. We stop crawling. Notes played on strings not ours across the sky where black birds spring our stomach thin. Pained black purity on skin. Whispers in hands. We are many before we are ours. Quiet now. Feel safe in the storm costing lives. Quiet now. Fire crackles. Heavy evening and slumbering lips. Tongues until the morning heart. No words as pictures the moon is often full, always whole. Horus calls the night, swallowed as the land longs in cobblestones. Possibly crumpled secret dreams we dreamt. Between something all forgotten we had found. The heavens of morning light, giving breath to the many as the sea hammers gently, in waves, creating magic. Then we remember, we are Earth.

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