2024-04-20 21:55:38 OPHIUCHUS


Since the coronavirus decreed a global lock down, canals have become clearer, air is again breathable and nobody leaves trash everywhere as the streets have grown silent. All these amazing things that are happening is from the absence of human monkeys. What if we used this wakeup call to restart society on a greener, sustainable and conscious foot. What we're seeing in the span of a few days is beautiful. Just imagine how our mother could heal during our lifetime. We need to start somewhere, this could be it. Who will push to make the change and ensure equality and the simple life. All we really need is shelter, food, love, security, rest and a challenge now and then, for us to feel purposeful. Anyone with land can profoundly change our society Are you awake? Are you the Ophiuchus? Are you the Ophiuchus? Are you the Ophiuchus?

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