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 FFR: Frequency Following Response

Sound ingredients: AM, FM, Harmonics, Timing, Pitch, Intensity, Timbre

We hope 2019 has been a successful year for you and yours, and with the year almost over, we want to thank those with whom we’ve got into good connection and communication.
We wish you and your family the most memorable joyful Yuletide and blessings to a Happy New Year 2020!

To make a polygonal spirals/torus using resonance and modulation for 2D perspectives/orthogonal projections. An analog vectorscope simply vibrates a beam of light with sound frequencies and geometric patterns form. Digital Vectorscopes can simulate the geometric matrix of sound through parametric equations, forming the exact type of harmonic motions expressed by the sound waves as seen when we vibrate a beam of light with an analog vectorscope. Mathematics can perfectly describe the geometry of sound frequencies and its resonance. A vectorscope is a special type of oscilloscope used in both audio and video applications. Whereas an oscilloscope or waveform monitor normally displays a plot of signal vs. time, a vectorscope displays an X-Y plot of two signals, which can reveal details about the relationship between these two signals. Vectorscopes are highly similar in operation to oscilloscopes operated in X-Y mode; however those used in video applications have specialized graticules, and accept standard television or video signals as input (demodulating and demultiplexing the two components to be analyzed internally). Searching for a bit of calm today I decided to break out my first ever generative oscilloscope music patch, which I always find peaceful and meditative. You are hearing and seeing pure harmonics faded in and out over a fundamental sine wave (the circle), with slight microtonal pitch variations to animate the spirals. Simple but beautiful - the pure wave physics of the natural world made tangible. Working on some Max for Live scope plug ins in this vein, keep an eye out!

396 Liberating guilt and fear
417 Undoing situations and facilitating change
528 Transformation and miracles
639 Connection and relationships
741 Expression and solutions
852 Returning to spiritual order
936 Spirit Channel

~ Harmonic Convergence ~ by Grant Bouvier (@midi_lizard)

     Stereo headset or surround system required... and there is a bug on some old due to...


Chris Cornell Seasons - Open F tuning

If you found this website because the book of Thoth, gentle access to turn love up Rainy Mood.

May you prosper and enjoy every moment in life with your loved ones. And looking forward to new opportunities for oscilloscope collaboration in the years ahead!

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