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Power Bro Pro

The potato's and the tomato's ain't gonna take care of themshelves...*My name is mute, each letter in a different color.Foreigners can travel to my country. Sofia is here right now.She got her friend to write a letter that they were a couple.Then it is no problem. I don't know why I even write this, as...nm ...the thing is, you never supposed to save me, I don'tneed saving...you was supposed to save our love. I care and I love you. I miss you. I was supposed to have a girlfriend. Feel my heart. It pound so heavy. I am happy for everyone who hook up with someone they find special.-nhPower Bro Pro#DaedMai22 #alone TheGeeksRetreat #Sgt Feelgood #Littleram #Feloneus #ampreparcel #MulChudSucker #TheReelAttila #sex

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