Pyro Board the Coolest Flaming Audio Visualizer That Ever Existed

Ruben’s tube science with Derek Muller

When my last blog said hold your breath the blog did not say how long you should hold it. I did not anticipate the many cool gadgets that are out there. Y is an interesting letter, don’t you think? Time is essence so I’ve been a busy-bee coding making all things possible. Denmark is world-class and famous for only a very few things. But what’s the next bacon? Moore’s law is logarithmic and it is spreading into every business sector. Let’s find limits by pushing it. On this high note of hope for adventure and yearning for technology to leapfrog the chasm. One invention I would like to share at this time is a 2D Rubens’ Tube by Sune Nielsen. This Pyro Board is the coolest demonstration of chemistry and science and definently the rock’n’roll way to hookup any sound system at a private party.

If you’re just here for music and fire, skip to 3:38. It’s mesmerizing.