2024-07-13 20:08:23 REFUGEES


Let's ask the wrong questions and have celebrities heal the world by dealing with symptoms. Seriously. If we want to make our world a better place we have to address the root cause of problems. In regards to displacement only one country is creating inhumane living conditions for the rest. Seriously. The official UNHCR top five list of displaced individuals originate from Syria, Venezuela and Afghanistan all terrorized by U.S.A....had the list been longer; Iraq and Libya would be there, Somalia, Yemen, Ethiopia, Kenya and Niger* all bombed to shreds since 2002!!!! because Southern Sudan is on the list. Southern Sudan..Yes, logic is right. Displacement due to hunger, climate change and unrest at the "borders". The list ends with the regime Myanmar. The only location not due to warmongering Americans. A., stop fighting the wrong war. It is annoying and I really like you.

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