2024-04-20 21:50:34 SALTY LAKES

Salty Lakes

In woods of paths diverging, quiet, deep,I pondered love, whose promises we keep. To follow one, or maybe both, And in deciding, seal our growth. The woods are lovely, dark, and deep, Yet choices made, we can't unkeep. Two roads diverged in love's embrace, And sorry, I could not choose each space. With tea, a subtle blend of grace, A choice to savor, a warm embrace. But miles to go before I sleep, The road less steep, but promises to keep. In coffee's bold and bitter bane, A love that wakes, a sweet refrain. Two roads diverged, with dreams untold, In coffee's warmth, our love unfolds. Salt, the seasoning of joy and pain, In love's endeavor, we remain. A taste, a sting, a sacred art, The road we choose, with every heart.

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