2024-04-20 23:09:08 SHE VOUCHED FOR ME

She Vouched For Me

Young, stunning, beautiful old soul. Be with me. I am ready to fall in love again and will the first moment life let me. If allowed that is. Grow in my presence. Learn healthy expectations for men in the future. She do vouch for me and I'll offer to wear a mask. I'll offer to be a secret. I'll snap the pictures. I'll share. I'll learn what you need and do it from love. I will love wholeheartedly. I'll support. I'll fix diet. Grounding you good and you have my focus. I offer my life and find middle ways to any challenge we ever face even when iwho bend the way. I can teach you to fight! And you don't have to bring me along if the cute yet quite mad scientist should be waiting at home. Let's prove good men exist. I represent 2 whom who care.

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