2024-06-15 08:18:37 SOMETIMES WE CRY IN COLORS

Sometimes We Cry In Colors

Sometimes we cry in colors yet are blind and refuse to see that we are always right where our next message comes to be. Other times we feel the pain in our spine yet we have awoken to understand now, in this moment, is where all is exactly perfect. A past is a collection of life gone by, distant and memory forgot the details. We adapt thoughts and reasoning based on our current perception of life and recalled what fits or misfits accordingly. Our imagination is a possible future but time always play out differently. So when we hurt or don't we must embrace our attention and really feel as it is us being alive. What I am trying to say is when we think no matter what we are thinking, that is when we are dead. #DeadSinceBirth #SolveLessProblems Time is a projection from the center in a spinning sphere. Thats why God is in us and we are not in God. #iClouds Will I be less lucky when I take a wife. #MYbirthday #i13

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