2024-05-20 14:20:31 STRUGGLES


I struggle to feel connected so why do I isolate myself on an island. I struggle to purchase necessities so why do I choose to work for free. I struggle with love so why do I fall for the attractive ones without spine. We struggles with belonging some move around all the time. We struggle to see whats coming so why am I still a hoptimist. I struggle to desire eternity so I'm counting my breaths. I struggle to see my old age so I wander a bit aimlessly. We struggle with endings so why do we crave new beginnings. I struggle with my thoughts order that's why I invite chaos. We struggle with the darkness of our soul so don't delve in it. We struggled so much but why, seriously. Both the past and the future is conditioning. Don't choose vanity. We were always the right time. Don't be late. I am present. Be. Enjoy. #Amun

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