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The Future Is Now - Unevenly Divided So Batten Down The Hatches

The digital evolution we see around us will lead to one thing and that is revolution. But what kind of revolution do we want? We must really pay attention because we cannot see the big picture. How do we engage in our privacy when life changing technology continuously cross the chasm. No technology comes without hard work and it is quite easy to predict what we are capable of in just a very limited time frame. The Gartner Hype Cycle shows us that every innovation takes up to 20 years to move from invention to pilot to general availability and then sometimes much later mainstream. All technologies arrives over time but often those mostly affected by it rarely ever see it coming...

Is The Batman A One Man Army Of 360-degree Surveillance?

A typical military spec lens enables you to see details 320 miles in any direction from 10.000 feet above the earth. This feed alone, with sophisticated software, will give you the ability to track what you need and see patterns that was once hidden. A behavioral recognition solution to automatically identify suspicious activity from video surveillance, see and identify facial and other non-verbal expressions of ill intent in context to available metadata. It is powerful, scalable and accurate. Consider you where able to see smarter and were allowed, with Google Glass project, to turn on the face recognition feature and full motion video analytics. Instantly look up metadata on your connections and the people you meet in life. Simply by looking at a person you would have access to basic interests, age, spoken languages, threat indicators and behavioral thermometers. You would know someone better before approaching them for the first time and have a chance to avoid situations and unwanted future events. A bit scary but hey we do it already on various social networks peeking into each others identity capital and to people we do not know.

Person Of Interest - Is IT the Batman?

At any given time there are 1,000 satellites orbiting our planet, but only 12 ‪known to us send back hi-res images. Internet is a global community, but its not for everyone. Various entrepreneurs try to change that and just consider the Google Loon project and how easy it would be to device balloons with cameras and facilitate 3D rendering of our world. Google Earth would be a real loon game ;) Each day we pass approximately 400 webcams streaming through the Internet and we already know our cellphones spy on us. For the last two decades, large aerostat balloons have been maintained by the U.S. Air Force in a Persistent Ground Surveillance Systems (PGSS). Department of Homeland Security have apprehended at least 300 criminals and intercepted as many as 50 planned attacks due to research working on surveillance metadata. Everyone will over time be held accountable for their personal identity capital maybe by 2050 AI will be our best friend.

Sharing Vs. Privacy - Do You Find The Truth On Twitter? @TheBatcave #ff

Mostly everyone are a part of PRISM including Apple, Google, and Microsoft as such the operating systems that we trusted to safeguard our personal information are all part of the program. So the PRISM project know your habits and your sociogram to estimate your personal threat level. We share everything with the corporate. Our digital footprint is huge and cannot be kept hidden from those who really want to know. Only 7.6% of the CEO\'s on the Fortune 500-list have an online social network profile and only 4% are on twitter. Why do they think they can live so large and leave so little for the rest of us? Not that they have anything to hide ;)  The intelligence that can be derived from available data like interests, nationality, date of birth, aliases, ISP accounts, dialog with connections, fingerprints and maybe even genetic data and credit card transactions is all of value. If they also have access to our credit card transactions they would certainly have the ability to troll cyberspace to sniff out threats from terrorists and other potential dangers to society. It may just be that surveillance is an integrated part of our future way of life and not just a powerful anti-terror weapon.

Set IT Free - Are We The Batman? Are You The Batman?

It is an expensive National Security Agency initiative to search the world's communication networks for security threats prompting intelligence officials and lawmakers to raise questions about its funding and its future. Top secret military software projects and programs like #SEDB, #Marina, #Prism, #Noforn, #Scissors, #Pinwale, #Sigad or #iros3 are all quite expensive. I once read an article that over 5.000 robots was in active service in the Iraq and Afghanistan war. Maybe its time to commercialize on some of all this deployed technology. Wiki-pedia is a good example of how great something can be when its really set free.  Total cost of ownership on wiki-pedia as global Internet encyclopedia is 1mio dollar per year and have replaced a multibillion-dollar industry with a greatly improved ecological footprint. Due to the philosophical ethos on how updates are implemented wiki-pedia is quite extensive and accurate and it is open source. Sometimes brilliant software only require a few good men or a one man army can single line code so that IT projects may one day create the first real superhero.

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